2017 – Hour Twelve

Yearning for the impossible
a fourth dimensional life
Where time’s a place you visit
Day and night forever dance
Back and forth around me
Never enough of either
Too few hours there are in a day
Our time, too short
Where are you?
So much completed
but so much undone
How can I rewind?
Memories past
Vivid and clear
Can I remember the future?
Subtract more sleep
Silly addiction
Who needs it?
Multitask, streamline
Make efficient use of time
How do I outsource myself?
Waiting, biding
Standing, queuing
What the hell are we supposed to be doing?
Relax, relax
Patience friend
Allow trust and faith to prevail
The night will pass
And in the day
The light may shine at last

2017 – Hour Eleven

The chase is on
Smiles are wide
Laughter echoes
the countryside

Dancing, thrills
Here we are friends
Sharing a spirit
of joy without end

And if you are curious
come along, you’re invited
In only mere moments
you’ll be so delighted

2017 – Hour Eight

Everyone fears death
Only because of what the unknown is
The door to a room of which we know nothing
But once you enter the room, at
Last you’ll know it all

Death is nothing at all
By Henry Scott-Holland

2017 – Hour Seven

The sun is high
Warmth beams down
Day half done and half not made
When it was early
So much unknown
Mystery thrills
Memories yet made
And when it’s late
Hope for a story
Better shared than kept

2017 – Hour Six

Scared and fearsome
Confident trepidation
Hesitant reactionary
Full speed procrastination

Gentle rain
Soft and cool
Overtake me
Flood the pool

Take away
All assumptions
And presumptions

2017 – Hour Five

The house in Tennessee
Roof concave, near surrender
Brush and trees, dirt and bees
New roof built and hope extended
Real struggle revealed

2017 – Hour Four

Watch her run
So determined
Never waiting

Watch her run
Her tracker record
So far, endured

Watch her run
Campaigning strong
Serve the people
Right the wrong

Watch her run
See her fall
To lose it all

2017 – Hour Three

How imperfect you seem now.
How much work would it be to restore you?
All the beauty that surrounds you, why do you remain?
I’ll bet it used to be a gorgeous view.
Warm and safe, a home for the ones who built it together.
Abandoned, but still it stands.
Broken, but not erased.

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