Girl on Fire…at least my hair is

Whether it’s a bio, profile, or even the author page of my poetry book, I always get stuck in what to say about myself. My name is Antonia but most people call me Toni (and every time I say it since I saw the movie Burnt, I chuckle. Little Toni. I’m barely 5 feet). I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school but started poetry at 14 years old. I’m an Army veteran and wish I was still wearing the uniform. They were some of the best years of my life and led me to meeting my husband. I own 2 businesses, a cyber security company and a bath/body products company. I adore animals and realized I’m a crazy cat lady only 4 years ago when I rescued 5 kittens who were abandoned in my neighborhood. I love pizza, french fries, Puerto Rican food (I’m Puerto Rican), boston creme donuts, and ironically, working out. Tony Horton is my man! I love his P90X workouts. I’m deeply nervous about the marathon. I signed up for the full 24 hours. I already feel sleep deprived with my busy life so I’m truly not looking forward to making myself stay awake. But I also love blueberry Redbull so this event is my excuse to basically put a funnel in my mouth and pour the deliciousness down! I’ve been working on poetry collection book number 2 but it’s been reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy slow going so I’m using this event to also plunge me ahead of getting it done. There’s a list I’ve been keeping on my phone of inspirational words, phrases, songs, and life happenings to help me through. I think I’ll be ok but I’m looking forward to the 4 or 5am posts with you guys as we start to see the finish line loom ahead. See all you full marathoners on the blog!! 🙂 – Toni