The Long and Winding Road

Stairway to Heaven

Or Highway to Hell?


My Sharona

Dancing Queen

Let’s Get it On

How Deep is Your Love?


No Woman, No Cry

Lean on Me

Killing Me Softly

That’s the Way (I Like It)


Crocodile Rock

Stayin’ Alive

Play That Funky Music

I Will Survive!







Once my glove was taken~

Mother had to get it back.

From a woman who was so nasty~

Set her dog on me to attack.


Twice had younger siblings~

Related not through Dad.

Wasn’t until I was older~

Found out how many more I had.


Three times I named my rabbits~

They all died horribly.

One eaten by my friend~

One frozen near our tree.


Four years in clubs of drama~

The only thing I had.

Mentors tried to use me~

They made me very sad.


Five hits from my fun bullies~

‘Til I finally kicked them back.

The tall one needed stitches~

Short one ribs did crack.


( I miss my unspoiled me )




  • I did not know him

Through mother I did


I heard some long stories

Some far~fetched fine glories


One terrible old gory


This was one of those days

In a ditch along their field

His tractor tipped over

He missed his noon meal


Trapped amongst metal

Silver blades always doing

Green grasses grew rusty


Scared cows kept on mooing


cover me

in dewy grey fur

like her


lick the snowdrops

from my belly


(i brought you a mouse today) 


The Kiss.


Naturally not like anything

I was expecting.


I lay there on the floor,

My mind in a  <<<whirl.>>>

~Some football on tv

As we chatted.


~And I tried to be 《Cool》

About the way your hand was 

Caressing me…


On my inner thigh…


So I touched yours, too…


~And the game, it droned on… 

While I tried to concentrate 

On what we were saying.


But all I could really think of

Was how badly~

~Oh, how VERY badly!


I wanted to crush your lips with mine…

~And knock you





Where I could ravish you~




~And you’d leave me?




~How do I feel?


Like a tiny, fluff


~~~drifting in the wind…


How fragile and delicate

~complicated and free!




~so very soft…


(((like a whisper)))

~drawn across a heated inferno~

of smouldering passion…


so easily~~~~~~~~~>


routinely, in fact.


~but today?






Opening up to me

and loving me

“What would I do without you?”

you say.


Caressing me

and holding me

“I love you.”

you say.


Laughing with me

and teasing me

“Where’s your brain?”

you say.


Staring at me

and hating me

“How can you do this?”

you say.


Ignoring me

and hurting me

“I forgive you.”

you don’t say.


rushing swirling torments of pain

hurt frustration anger

coursing through my very soul


i don’t know.

information, bits of thought

pummeling my brain

scratching down my insides

crying to remain.

regretful tears fill my toes

why can’t it be me?

naked feelings

set a~loose

despair and anguish

rack my being

~lightning comes~


much affection

friendship certain

all inside

…nothing makes sense…

does it ever?

~~one thought pressing on my lips~~

(do i dare?)


I Love You.




As I travel through life

On a ~twisting~churning~


I remember…


I remember love most of all.

(Security) and ((Warmth))

I believe I’ve always been loved

By almost everyone…


I remember pain.

For what childhood is without it?


I remember being alone

Cast off and ignored sometimes.

It never really bothered me.

(I created my own world…)

I could find a million things to do

(((All By Myself)))

Whenever I had to~


~And I began to prefer it.


I created a thick shell for myself

And I was happy. 🙂


I remember when I first looked


a small hole

~and saw You…

Then you saw me!


You pursued me~

~And slowly but surely

You chipped away at my shell…

I found refuge and comfort in you.




and My Self.


Tick tock Tick tock… 

Time is running away~

The gates are closing!

Key inserted… 

Wait! Don’t turn it~

Someone’s coming!

Blurry drops of wet fall down… 

Key is moving~

Hurry! Hurry!!

Hurry Up!

Almost there, hand is reaching~

Grasping for the…



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