to grow

someone to grow

someone to grow with

someone to grow with me

someone to grow old with me



to accept me as i am

to forgive who i have been

to imagine who i have yet to become



someone to grow old with me

someone to grow with me

someone to grow with

someone to grow

to grow






down under the moon


you feel yourself changing?


clothes off then grow furry


marks your territory


See Real


Ingredients blend

Whole modified freshness


Yellow contains

Traces of questions


Distributed acids

Provide battle protection


Dear girl without glasses~

(On the top of the slide)

Keep kissing him next time!

(Don’t slip down and hide)



She said

As she shook the canteen

No more coffee for me…


He said

And come dance

Under the beam of the moon

With me… (more…)

19~9 The Yearling

She came to me

In the quiet of the night

The tiniest shrieking

That gave me a fright


Took forever to find her

Abandoned for sure

I fixed up her tummy

And searched for a cure


But something was wrong

A defect in her song

Though she tried best she could

The far future was no good


Then one night in the rain

I heard her in pain

And I knew how I’d cry

As I took her to die 


When I was young there were three:

Punk~Rocker, the worst Cheater and the one who was Mean.

Older without wisdom the next one went Running. For awhile I was Hooked before the Last met death coming.

Should have left them first. 






Why can’t I love you?

(i miss you when you’re gone)

What gnaws at my insides?

(it’s so quiet here without you)

How can I be so peaceful?

(all your things lay scattered

in perfect order

just as you left them)

Is that my music playing?

(but i liked most of yours) 

Why can’t I love you?

(because i love me more) 


The blackest hair I’ve ever seen.


(rosy cheeks just right

hairs peeking from the top of your shirt

a belly~button I can only imagine…)


lips the purest form of yes


(~but saying no.)


Your eyes, though,

they wander…


If I stand still long enough

they can see me

down deep inside

where I’m all bits and pieces.


I wonder exactly what they saw

which caused them to run

screaming from me…


(even though I search

with my own eyes

for the answers to you…)


I am locked out.



(In the dark of the night

I saw her in her grave.


So far below beneath me…


He stood there beaming knowledge

Through his desperate eyes to mine.


Burning cold with fear inside me

I could see unwritten futures…


Her new image warm and glowing

Full of endless possibility.


Me beside her holding tight

Straddling the deep and dank…


Keeping her from falling in)