starry starry night

When all the world is asleep

But me…


Total silence.




The rustleThe bustleThe hustle

The beautiful sound…

Of the water

…Falling behind me…


Not from the mountain,

~Pristine in my mind…


~but from the ceiling!


Ahhhhh…broken broken piping… 


Standing on the edge

Looking over…


Where whispery breezes

Caress my hair


And warm honeydew

~Smells Sensuous~


Closing my eyes…

…Being stroked and held


I leaned into your embrace~~~


Only to find myself



My intuition

Couldn’t catch me this time.


Blood pooling

By the chilled marble slab

That is Me



By the scattered







Magic Man

whose fingers know me

inside and out

upside down and beyond


Magic Man

who knows my mind

he can see past confusion

unraveling with time


Magic Man

believes in me

he’s always there

though mostly invisible


Magic Man

 sees inside my heart

wraps it gently with his

in all ways he loves me


(is he Mine?)


I am dying inside…

and nobody knows

so nobody cares

(to know me)


i am rotting…

a stinking hulk of flesh

where everything is melting

mere tears never matter

and nothing

affects anyone



(they don’t see)


i am being eaten alive…

by overwhelming love

i’ve given

and taken

(none left in me)


bits and pieces


until there is nothing left

nothing at all…


i am searching for my Self

never knowing where i’m going

(forever lost)




I Am Not.

Howdy :)

Testing to make sure I can post… I’ve been writing since I was 12 and I’m from Ohio, USA. Hello to everyone and let’s have fun!

Checking to edit my post now. This is my 4th Poetry Marathon. 🙂




At the scabs

of      *My*    marriage.

(so they could not heal)

We could not heal…

How       *they*      Laughed

(( together ))

…at me…

Discarded window

through my                 soft soul.

*** SmAssHeD***






His brain

how it Burned …

( by twin flames of Desire? )

~ Heavens, no!~

<< by the flames of the Fire >>

~ his Beautiful mind ~

( known only to Me )

<< Lost in the blaze >>

for All eternity …


languid longing

above shoulders bare

grasping ornate table

to keep herself there

sparkle straps chill pale skin

clutching dress velvet~hot

toes lost in dark shadow

fire~red updo hair

stares across the abyss

i wonder what’s there


My squeaky clean house

Wins all the awards

Love every neighbor

I gently slam doors

(i never tell lies

and neither do you)

My twenty five cats

All tie their own shoes

Finish the dishes

Then beg me to snooze


~i often think~

~if i were a tree~

~i would always be there~

~waiting for me~

~smart blossoms smell beckons~

~we sway in the wind~

~looking around to see~

~who wandered in~

~my feet reaching down~

~with a grip of delight~

~drinking my meals~

~sucking soil all night~

Oh~Happy Bee!

~dancing toward me~

~bad humans just sprayed~

~now you are free~

~you were the last one~

~people be damned~

~i think you’ll agree~

~we’ll soon be hun~gry~