Doze a dream


Sleep sleep
without pausing
the colorful dreams
until the sunrise
sleep like an infant

Three Heroes

Triumphantly they stepped forward
Eventually three were left
The joy of getting closer to the goal
Suspicion of something unknown
doubts somewhere
Did they win in this quest?
some questions with out solution

whether they have reached their destination
Some friends are on their way
they lost their life’s
If the required information remains with him
What is the meaning of their quest.
Although standing near a cave
hidden in a pool of water
Darkness surge with no way, murmurs of water
They are in suspicious manner
their feet steps are interrupted

silent scream

without noise
Silence never breaks
the lights are shining bright
searching for an answer
Silence is not a gift
it’s a darkest tragedy

Blue light

it’s a loner’s journey
over the sky, on the earth
He’s searching for the divine

silence also good meditation
those who love nature
You discover yourself

He has no desires
he has no fantasies


What are you looking for
What can not be found here
You better leave this place

what ever you search
When it’s not near you
It is foolish to look for a neighbor

Search your hearts first
Find out, if you do not have it
The neighbor can’t share it with you

You cannot acquire with money
You cannot see with your eyes
somewhere you have done mistake

Maybe you can see in women
Or seen in artists
sensitivity is their motive

Learn to love others
smile a while with neighbors
don’t cheat them,
You have to face the situation
one day the tenderness pain
it pierce your mind

Blooms day

As soon as the rain started
Umbrella flowers unfold
Some flowers change their colors
covering the faces of humans
plays to the tune of rain
black tulips blooms


If you are a book lover, life is so wonderful.
It teaches your attitude and inspires
who reads books, never consult a doctor
You never live alone with loneliness
the books always with you as a friend.

if you never read a book
You never know what you are
sip a cup of tea, open a book
There you can see a beautiful word
even a time you never knew

Book is not only knowledge
it shows your abilities to this world

if you become a writer
one day, you certainly enjoy it
your wealthy book on other’s hand

It teaches how to leave
It teaches how to express
when you are a book flower

city Lights

when the play came to an end
at last the lights switch off
The curtain closes on the podium

to night, the city under the firmament
folded as a black blanket
congregation of the stars in the sky
wind chants melody tunes a lullaby
The streets lights guarding like a hawk

In palm tree-like houses
They embrace dreams
in their azure dreams
It that black dark night
The silence is also frightening.

This city for me now
peeps it as a blackboard
the pedagogue erased characters
for next day class



When he broke up
Tears accompanied
Looking forward to
many dreams Faded
Life is left as the waste paper
How many anxiety nights have deprived outof sleep
Midas touch standing in front of the sill
The pain of being left like a sour grapefruit
Unless the future stands as a remainder
Suffering from not being able to ride the winning horse
The context of increasing age
The rest of the loneliness in the damaged room
No one can be greet him with love
If all dreams are fading as rainbow
The future remains questionable.
Twenty-five years later
Good-fortune knocking on the door
You won, you got the job
Give your seller a new sari as a gift

Tears well up in dry eyes
Happiness is like a surging wave
dancing with twinkling stars
Looking for an invisible mom
To share this joy.

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