knock out

Someone tasted out the wine
After a big blooter over their mind
Brittles anger over wineglass
Became emptied, the pockets were punctured
Whose hands are broken?
Over that pavement
stamped it with a nail on it
It’s a hardback issue to those footsteps
Roaming here and there
In search of some space
Who can adjust those pieces with knitting


How many ages he was tired
Without voice what he had to say
He has been waiting a few years
On my words to express his views
He may be a frustrated lover
He may be wanderer
I am unable to capture
If he may be Scientist
I tore out many books
I turned out many books for his history
I do not guess his footsteps
The person who painted this picture is anonymous
How nice to know his whereabouts
there is no proper scientific formulae
there is nor proper calculations
Poets like me kept an eye
to solve this riddle
I don’t trace out his inscriptions
Tell me a little if you guess
we will conduct a proper investigation

silent Melody

Close your eyes
Open your heart
It’s too dark around you
Breathe deeply yourself
Forget your infatuation world
Tune your mind
There you can hear
nature music, Listen silently
the breeze waves wind harp
Plays pleasant melody
It’s an amazing eternal love
What we think, there you can
It’s a blissful life.


To ask if there is some mistake
If someone objects, it blames them
and points their ego nature,
It creates some worry
bury your doubts
Until you clean your hands

Reality is a sharp edge sin
Errors and faults
Shot cut ways of life

Don’t raise your hand
With a serious demand
Praise aloud with grand

He commands you
He cries aloud on top of you

Bend your head silently
You are servant to him
He’s the ring master of your life
He’s a piercing knife.

Some faces are blank
Some faces are frank

Water Spray



water is so cool

Don’t think it’s a fool

Where there is water

There is life to mankind

It’s ambrosia to everyday

Sometimes it hugs with fondness

Sometimes it tears down life with anger

Some time it creates fear

Some time it drowns into as tears.

It carries you until to your end.

Some time it becomes a rain

Some time it offers a pain

A drop of water creates History

A drop of water generates mystery