Up I Am

Up I am
Doing an all-nighter
While others are sleeping
peaceful and quiet
The quiet time helps me
To have a clear mind
So I can focus
All this time
The nights are for artist
Whether writing or drawing
It is our time
Of pleasure unknown
The imagination going wild
Writing a prose
Drawings a figure
Or some crazy type of thing
Writing some poetry
Or just some other thing
While others lay sleeping
Peacefully resting
The stillness of the night
On my writing puts dressing

The Office

The file room
Now it’s my office
Small and complete
Quaint and cute
Many people come in
For the files they use
Eleven co-workers
In one department
Over four thousamd files
Needing kept up and seen
But also they come in
Needing everything!
“Can you get this?
“Can you do that?”
“Get me this report”
“Provide me this stat”
“Do you have time
to look this up for me?”
“My pleasure,” I said
My co-workers, their family
I’m with them half my day
I live in this small place
The office they call it
What a state!

The Night Is For Sleeping

This is absolutely crazy
The night is for sleeping
But this is so fun!
I cannot sleep
Until my work is done!
Writing my imagination
Fleeing reality
Just for 24 hours
Is absolutely insane
but at the same time
I love it
It’s like playing a long game
So bear with me
In my crazy state
For I love to write poetry
Tired and hopefully not berate
For the night is for sleeping
And no other matter
Even if it’s fun
It does not matter
So excuse me now
I have two more pieces and I’m done
And I will sleep well
For this battle I’ve won!


Dear love

Times are hard
Trials you cause too plenty
Hurt to deep
Physical problems many
Time for my healing
In all ways
I need time to go astray
Please understand me today
For the future I need to live my way
Heal yourself
Give it time
Death is not an answer in life
One day we may speak again
But for now a new life I begin


Foxes are sly
they move fast
Black bear black bear
come follow me
I have something for you to see
Bring your little friend
her sweetness will help
together we will work
to clean this mess
tagging of all the walls
In this city
as you can see
symbolizes future problems
we must not flee
so let’s work together
and clean it up
in unity
How we do it does not matter
The bear will be loud and bold
A young girl looking so sweet by his side
The Fox Moving quietly
The people will not see that we can divide this world
In reality

Leave me Alone

When I go to trial
Do not ask, “How are you?”
Please pardon me
Don’t let me hear
“Welcome home.”
Do excuse me the first day
So return I won’t
Say, “Thank you”
You are free to go
And have a nice day


Playful pandas
Cute and cuddly
Innocent like kids
Fun-dandy flights
Black and white
Big eyes and nose
Safe animals
Down the slides they go
Not common for pets
Hard to get
Love their reaction
They are an attraction
My daughters room is full
With them on the bed and walls
One day we may have
A pet panda real and all

Love Learned

Too young
Not loved
Physically attracted
Not giving in
He cheated
Older woman been
No relationship
No base
Hurt emotionally
Young love
Broken but good
Lesson learned
Growth given
He wasn’t the one for me to be worth living
Time heals
Minds grow
Age teaches
So love can overflow


Family is not a tree
With only names to bear
Family is not people in a home
When there’s a lack of care

Family is people brought together With love in their hearts they share
Giving freely without condition
And not a moment to spare

Family is time together
Company each other enjoys
It is not judging one another
Or an image, a decoy

Family is joined by blood given Strengthened in hard times Supporting one another
Never to decline

Time, love and moments
You cannot repeat
Memories to last forever
Family is not a tree.

Hearty Lives

Veins open
arteries connect
blood pumps
system flows
life-giving filters cleaning
the heart has a very big meaning
No life without it
working hard and moving
pacing itself
for life to stay alive smoothly
No clotting
Aneurisms or closures
Eat health
Exercise daily
Or risk these exposures
No more flow
produces death which we all one day will know

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