If you believe yourself, it’s a desire
Today’s failures shows the way to success
Hope reveals your fears in your destiny
Not with doubts, it’s a light for morrow.

In every humans’ heart, there’s an aim
To your journey some invisible hand
Encourages, inspires your ambitions
it’s a link wire to challenges of today
it zooms possibilities of coming time.

Hope is a key to safeguard your ideas
When every one after certain threatens
they stand to spin their earnings
without, there’s no scope of after times.


prompt -24

Hour -24

O Hopeful Dawn

Utopian Dream Hours


On this haven, without any borders
where hunger’s echoes can end
No fury’s burn in that fireplace, no colors behind
in this perfect universe, is without inequality

A land in which want can not locate a place,
And ailments vanish, without any disgrace
Apathy fades, in serenity,
harmony graces each day with glee. Apathy fades,

No more confusions and diffusions
Love and kindness interlace bonds
United we stand, beneath a guiding hand,
No more sorrows, no more demands.No more doubts

With open hearts, and luminous doorways
In which wish awaits, desires start to grow.
We’re all akin, without groups and labels
Lightning new world without any dissatisfaction

So near your eyes, dare to look,
A tranquil tapestry, in contrast to what used to be.
In which most effective love and peace go with the flow,
In this ideal world, permit your spirits glow.


Prompt -23

Hour – 23

Silence is a wise language


Calmness, a tranquil for concentration
It’s a meditation to some souls
It’s a frustration to some souls
Where thoughts, inner feelings
Breaks out the quietness

Silence is a peace point
For healthy living of time
Of stillness, build strength

Silence remembers as
A white paper without words
of quiet knowledge,
silence stands as guiding light

if silence covers your heart
You are in your dream world

Silence is sleeping pill
Silence is the sweetest chill


Silence, a death tax

For every human’s breath

Prompt -22

Hour – 22

Racing for Victory !

Running towards desires

The Teens chase demanding situations

Each lesson teaches new ideas

Despite the fact that failures some time frustrates

If he bet his weaknesses

And overview himself, to reinforce his purpose

There’s no unique principle to win

If he accepts as true with himself without doubts

Without any doubts, Dedication chaos

Running exhibits, racing victory to run !


Prompt 21


An Hour of Tea

Friendship is a boon to who are alone in their journey
A friendly voice makes a call awaiting
It’s a meeting point Nandini’s motel’s pride
Pals accumulate round with blooming faces.

Teacups clutched in hands, they ease into their chairs,
Ready for an hour of chat, free of worldly cares.

The talk begins with politics and worldwide issue
On this lively dialogue, the ideology differs positive extent
Sharing their views, and teases each other
A few new faces point their perspectives,
They condemn with their reviews

Memories wakes up, with branding coloring phrases
Sharing stories with their wrinkle faces, they revel in it

An hour friendship, time passes without understanding
On this particular heaven, they remedy from their issues
Tea cups with empty faces on desk, the old fellow’s face aglow
With open heart, they have surpassed their time in motel.



Hour 20

Black Diamonds !

Within the depths of darkness, they strive to live to tell a story,
Coal miners dwellers, in which they are shadows on that mine
They warfare the earth, its secrets and techniques they delve,
in search of black diamonds, their memories they notify it

Their courage and electricity, a beacon of light,
As they toil in silence, through day and through nighttime.
Underneath rocks, they’re carving their beautiful dreams
in the heart of the mine, in which they are gleam diamonds

Every day faces complication, with every passing hours
But their spirit endures, they believe their labor
Even in the depths of the earth, where existence’s so intense,
Coal miners, unsung heroes, never step back like a soldier

With every swing of the pickaxe, each bead of sweat shed,
They combat to stay alive,, to earn day by day bread.
Within the heart of the mine, their turmoil no one can understand
Coal miners persist, of their will to survive.

Sometimes the mine swallows their breaths with their dreams
Even though, they never frighten with incidents,
they brawl in, they become roaring voices to lit other’s future.


Prompt -19       



Raven’s Enigmatic Wing !

Crow’s are colored with black
But people dislike this color-they chant crow
But, it play a vital role in human society
Their presence to adore their elders
They are guiding souls in certain geographical areas
In Hindu epics, they are messengers Yama
Tales weaves with their beliefs

They are legends in Fables and other stories
They are sacred, to numerous cultures
which means they are reminisces to human society

They Fly from branch to branch
ca-ca sounds sending messages to natures
Their minds so sharp, intelligence with might and bright


Prompt- 18

Hour -18

Kaleidoscope Equation

Reflections and colors reveal human life
Inside the journey, paints future’s design
Each shift and swirl holds certain equations
Moments merge in an ever-changing display

Emotions and feelings perceived shadows
Zooming in as patterns meet the vibrant
In this lifetime voyage, there we find turns
That modify its hues according to subject

With every spin, we decrypt perspective
With every axis, and adjust the possibilities
Analyzing the equations of life’s kaleidoscope.


Prompt 17


Recipe for Guests’ Delight

Add a cup of words
A teaspoon of smile
Churn with laughter

Spoon out tasty dialogue
share the snacks of memories
sprinkle love and generosity

Serve with delicious hugs
Savor joy’s with yummy


Prompt -16


Chasing Contentment at Seventy-Five

At Seventy five, He counts his life with delight
He fulfills all his children dreams, his calculations
His youngsters enjoy with bright prospects they live
But, he can enjoy existing life with interesting trips

There he moves with discomfort lingers,
He’s not satisfied with his earnings
Still he is not satisfied of good income
Pension draws without any tension

Yearning to churn extra income sources
In his quest of thoughts, his spirit burns
Every day, he calculates other’s income sources
He shook his head, with a wistful sigh!

Once I questioned- A day that presents satisfaction word
Are you satisfied with your earnings and life
He smiles and says my property is so meager
I spied a thirst for contentment, in his restless chase.


Prompt -15


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