An Hour of Tea

Friendship is a boon to who are alone in their journey
A friendly voice makes a call awaiting
It’s a meeting point Nandini’s motel’s pride
Pals accumulate round with blooming faces.

Teacups clutched in hands, they ease into their chairs,
Ready for an hour of chat, free of worldly cares.

The talk begins with politics and worldwide issue
On this lively dialogue, the ideology differs positive extent
Sharing their views, and teases each other
A few new faces point their perspectives,
They condemn with their reviews

Memories wakes up, with branding coloring phrases
Sharing stories with their wrinkle faces, they revel in it

An hour friendship, time passes without understanding
On this particular heaven, they remedy from their issues
Tea cups with empty faces on desk, the old fellow’s face aglow
With open heart, they have surpassed their time in motel.



Hour 20

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