Black Diamonds !

Within the depths of darkness, they strive to live to tell a story,
Coal miners dwellers, in which they are shadows on that mine
They warfare the earth, its secrets and techniques they delve,
in search of black diamonds, their memories they notify it

Their courage and electricity, a beacon of light,
As they toil in silence, through day and through nighttime.
Underneath rocks, they’re carving their beautiful dreams
in the heart of the mine, in which they are gleam diamonds

Every day faces complication, with every passing hours
But their spirit endures, they believe their labor
Even in the depths of the earth, where existence’s so intense,
Coal miners, unsung heroes, never step back like a soldier

With every swing of the pickaxe, each bead of sweat shed,
They combat to stay alive,, to earn day by day bread.
Within the heart of the mine, their turmoil no one can understand
Coal miners persist, of their will to survive.

Sometimes the mine swallows their breaths with their dreams
Even though, they never frighten with incidents,
they brawl in, they become roaring voices to lit other’s future.


Prompt -19       



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