Wherever you are
Is where I’m most at home.
In your embrace I feel loved
And in your presence I’m known.
You can’t take a fish out of water
And expect it to live.
And I would feel so homeless
without the love that you give.

Slap Me

Slap myself
Splash myself
Stay awake!
You’re getting so close.
No time to flake!
Stick with it.
Set timers.
Keep yourself awake!

Ode to My Camera

My faithful friend
My second set of eyes
You serve as my memory
A buffer when one is needed
The historian of the family
You keep and tell stories.
I honor you.
Stay close by
You never know when
I might need you.

Moonlit Walk

Moonlit walk
no one in sight
I seem to have lost
my fear of heights
Wish you were here.

Just Me Myself and I

Here I am alone again.
Chasing the moon in the wee hours
Writing poetry by parking lot lights
Romanticizing the mundane and
finding profundity in banality.

Wishing on stars-
though my star wishes
have never come true.

Tapping out these words
And wishing I were with you.


I talk for hours
and fill the time
But I want to hear
more from you.

If I shut up and listen
Will you please share
what’s on your mind
and in your heart?

I promise you
I’m listening

See me.
Don’t leave me
I’m lonely tonight.
I’m looking to you
to put an end to my plight.

I miss you
I want you
But you’re with
somebody else.

I’m asking you please
Don’t put my love on a shelf.


You taste like a promise kept.
All you can eat without regret.

You sound like a song unsung
but one desired by everyone.

You feel like home to me
inside your arms

I’m safe and free.

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