Total Eclipse of the Heart

A darkness crossed over my heart
more than once.
No crowds gathered to see it.

I had always been told
that the dark would pass.
But I never chose to believe it.

When the light returned
my heart felt burned
from adjusting back to its brightness.

Like a total eclipse
it was only a blip
my heart again emanates lightness.

Country Girl

Chickens were my truest friends.
I spent hours talking to those hens. 
While the rooster crowed and strut about, 
the hens and I would hash it out. 

I made other friends- a skunk or two, 
a baby owl, some bunnies too. 
I tried to rescue baby birds, 
fallen from nests or somehow hurt. 

When I was 9 we moved away 
and I remember to this day
I so loved being a country girl. 
That move forever changed my world. 

I never was the same again.
I still miss those animals I called friends. 

NYC Haiku

Lotus blooms reflect
a fountain held by angels. 
Central Park in spring.

Like Rumplestiltskin’s Daughter

When you were a little girl 
you had no quarrels with the world.
Life seemed so much simpler then
in the warm embrace of family and friends. 

But over time life disappointed.
The truth you’d known became disjointed. 
The trust you’d had had been betrayed 
and you have suffered since that day. 

I hope you know 
that you belong. 
That in facing your struggles 
you’ve learned to be strong.

You’re now teaching others
some lessons you've learned. 
You're turning your pain
into good in the world.

Therapy Dog

When Gracie cuddles up to me
a fur ball of love is all I see. 

I refer to her as my therapy dog 
and people seem to play along. 

But it’s really not a joke to me. 
My Gracie is great therapy.
There’s nothing wrong in any day
that sweet Gracie cannot chase away. 

Devour the Peach – in answer to T.S. Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock

The universe is infinite.
And I am but a speck. 
So if I tip the scales a bit
is there some balance I'll upset? 

Or is it possible perhaps
that if you gave me half a chance
I’d disrupt the status quo 
and challenge what you think you know? 

And if you opened up your mind.
Might it be that you would find
the universe is ever changing
now and always rearranging. 

Becoming new and shedding old. 
In a state of constant growth. 
So come on, join me
if you dare- 
together let’s ascend those stairs. 

Disturb, disrupt, extend our reach. 
And for dessert devour that peach.


Writing by Moonlight II

The moon has risen high tonight. 
Although it wanes, 
it still shines bright.

Energized by its lunar light,
I bask in moon glow 
as I write.

Dear Future Lover

I’ll thank you in advance for this.
I appreciate a well-placed kiss.

Small kindnesses aren’t small to me.
Just be yourself and I’ll be me.

With acts that match our loving words.
We’ll create a love that doesn’t hurt.

We’ll find the joy in every day.
And welcome tears along the way.

We’ll be genuine in all we do.
Dear Future Love, I summon you.

Wishing and Hoping

Make a wish.
Let it take seed.
I hope it grows
all that you need.
I hope you find
all you look for.
I wish you love
and so much more.

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