The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift
I’ve ever received

was the day that we learned
our son Gabe was conceived.

Such incredible wonder
on the day he was born–

such a sweet happiness
when we brought
our son home.

Each day was a gift
and such a deep joy.

The greatest gift of my life
is my sweet, darling boy.






No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home
of that much I’m certain
I’m not trying to make sense
of who’s behind the curtain.

I’m not looking for courage,
or a brain or a heart.
I’ve got all that I need
and I’m ready to start.

So down the yellow brick road I go.
When I click my heels thrice,
I’ll be back home.




Sheltering Wings

A single white feather
lets me know you are near.

I’ve asked you for signs,
but they weren’t always clear.

This is a sign
that can comfort the doubtful.

You have sheltering wings
and for this I’m so grateful.



I long to find ease.

I long to find rest.

I long for a lover who’s up to the test.

I long for a morning with nothing to do.

I long for world wellness

and for world peace too!


I turn into myself.

I turn into you.

Together we’re telling

a new kind of truth.

We’re stronger together

than we’ve been on our own.

And the best part is that

we are never alone.

The Turning

Kiss-less at midnight
but the bubbly flows freely.

A night of reflection
has got me in my feelings.

I raise a toast to the past year
and the gifts that it brought me.

I’m even thankful for hardships
and all that they taught me.

I welcome the new year –
so many surprises awaiting.

I’m excited and hopeful.
And I’m still celebrating.

Sailing Home

the salt breeze blowing

through my hair

mountains in silhouette

at sunset

and you.


I’m hopping a flight

I don’t care where I’m headed.

I need a break from my life.

And the losses I’ve dreaded.

Maybe taking a plane

to some place faraway

will help me feel sane–

help me face a new day.

I won’t send a postcard.

Don’t expect me to call.

I’m in need of some me time.

I’m so done with this all.


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