You’re uninvited.
Don’t stop here.
I am not afraid.
This isn’t fear.
I just can’t spare
the time to dance.
In love with life,
that’s my romance.
So go away.
Don’t come for me.
At least for now
just let me be.

Strawberry Moon Summons

Luminous moon heralds coming change.
I will welcome and embrace it
even if the change feels strange.
My life is a bounty;
I cherish it all.
Strawberry moon.
Super moon.
Hear my


The Forest Ranger glanced skyward
as a bird caught his eye.
It flew up past the clouds
in a periwinkle sky.
It landed atop a skyscraper of a tree.
And then it spread out and
started beating its wings.

Turning the Page

New Year’s Day brings a fresh start.
After pause and reflection
I take my lessons to heart.
The past year brought challenges,
joys, love and pain.
The new year’s arrival
means I get to do it again.
It’s like turning a page,
on my most well-loved book.
And I get to write the endings
to some chances I took.
It will be a page turner,
as the days fly by fast.
I’ll cherish it all,
present, future, and past.

Speaking of the Devil

I was speaking of the devil,
and you walked in the room.
So confident and charming,
nearly everybody swooned.
You reached a hand out toward me
and pulled me close to you.
I felt my soul igniting
and my heart felt warmer too.
You sparked in me a fever
as we danced the night away.
And when the night was over,
I begged you to please stay.
You may leave me in the morning,
never to return.
But I’ll keep these embers glowing,
and cherish long this burn.

Map of the World

If guilt is a teacher
I’m learning my lesson.
My mistake has cost you
your most precious blessing.
I’ve injured my own self
and damaged our friendship.
There’s no coming back
from such a horrible misstep.

I know this transgression
can’t be forgiven.
There’s no reversal of fortune
of avail to us living.
So I’ll carry the burden of
the harm I’ve inflicted.
And you’ll bury your child,
both our hearts are afflicted.

New Normal?

The new normal we got
isn’t what I’d envisioned.
There are still racist systems
that have kept us imprisoned
by denial and lies
–a history’s retelling,
a prettier story’s been told,
but I won’t buy what they’re selling.
I won’t turn a blind eye
to centuries of damage.
In the face of injustice,
I’ll continue to be outraged.
Those who shirk are complicit
in the deep harms compounding.
Their persistent denial
is for some so confounding.
The answer is clear,
they are serving themselves.
And forsaking all others
for their comfort and wealth.
The riches enjoyed are taken as given.
Their new normal is just more
of the privilege they live in.

It’s time for real change,
and what’s been normal be damned.
We can do this together.
Draw a line in the sand.
It’s time we live up to
the this country’s bright promise.
With the strength of our people
I know that we’ve got this.

The Window

Through the car window
hazed with loss
I cleared a spot
to see you one more time.
You got smaller
as we drove away.

Treasure Trove

Buried deep beneath the earth
evidence of love, death, birth.
Remnants of a time long past
have seen the light of day at last.
Such treasures hold our memories.
A history planted with the trees.
Roots of family life lived well.
Stories that these items tell.
A sharing across time and space.
I’m glad we found this sacred place.