The Cricket’s Serenade

I took the Jeep and drove to the Lake,

I blew a tire, I can’t catch a break!

What is worse I had no spare,

My phone had no signal, I was stuck out there.


Besides my dog I was all alone,

I felt an ache creep up under my breastbone.

I pitched my tent, gathered firewood, for it would be dark soon,

Listening to the cricket’s serenade, we sat by the roaring fire. Under the moon!

City Sidewalk

I saw him walking years ago, in the city with his dog in tow.

where were they going, where had they been?

He was pushing a grocery buggy so slow,

With all their belongings within.


Where would they rest, where would they sleep?

Would they even get anything to eat?

The sun would soon slip away as night began to creep.

I’m not even sure he had shoes on his feet.


I can’t imagine how empty he must have felt inside,

Or how he came to be at this point in his life.

Silently I asked God in prayer,

To be with this man and his dog out there!


Beyond Amazed

There aren’t enough words to describe

all the admiration I have inside,

For the very dear man I call my husband and my friend.

He doesn’t get stirred by the roaring wind.


No drama, no problem he can’t figure out,

No upset, no anger, no need to shout.

Understanding, kind, bringing peace of mind,

Thoughtful, caring never leaving me in a bind.


So many things he’s taught me, to listen to other’s,

The success of how to be a Mom but not a Mother.

He continuously waters my soul that once was crazed,

Never before have I ever been so inspired, I’m beyond amazed.



Wild Echo

Come with me as I escape to peaceful scene,

Quiet lake, no ripples found, graciously serene.

Snowy caps on mountain walls, chipmunks perch on rocky ledges.

Hear  the turkey’s morning call, watch for deer feeding near the grassy edges.


No rushing, no hurry, no time clock to punch.

No indigestion, for there is no racing through your lunch.

Leave your cell at home, no need to dial,

Come and sit a spell and listen to the echo of the wild.

Summer Rain

Somewhere in the distance there is the promise of some rain,

Gray clouds are building and moving fast as I watch from my country lane.

Anticipation is heightened down deep, far into my soul, it abounds;

I hope it plows straight overhead and doesn’t split and go around.


Gentle breezes soon arrive,  then their strength they gain,

Waiting far below are thirsty, golden fields of grain.

Their bodies dried and cracked waiting for the dark heavens to cry.

Then comes the jagged, purple lightning against the crooked sky.


Accompanied by raucous thunder that rocks the depths below,

Now comes the wicked storm as hoped for, let it blow.

As now I sit inside looking out at streaks of rain,

What a beautiful sight racing down my window pane.


Painted Love

Carefully he chose his brush and painted her with ease.

A bit more bright yellow, he gave the tube a squeeze.

In her wavy, brunette hair he dobbed wispy bows of blue.

Then on her dress he splashed red hearts of I love you!

He continued with some Violet’s in her small hands there,

Gently on and on he added her tender smile with his flair!

A lot of respect for his art and with a kindness in his voice she came to life.

He drew her from the canvas into his strong arms and made her his wife!



Breath of Rain!

The last few weeks have been desert like and densely hot,

Now the wind is picking up, first a little, now a lot!

Last night I surely enjoyed the smell of the gentle rain;

I am looking forward to hearing, and breathing it in sometime today once again!

Still Learning

It’s cool and exciting but none the less,

Sometimes I find it confusing I must confess.

Years ago I had started a new job, and had to use a computer. Oh my,

I’ll tell on myself, (still giggling about it inside),

As on the job training began, the instructor told us to move the curser,

Ha ha I felt like a louse, as I turned to the person beside me and asked,

“What is a Mouse?”


So tiny she breathed in her first breath, crying and squirming about,

Days and months turned into years, they quickly came and went.

First, puppy loves, Fairy tales, some came true

How could she have known all her roads would lead to you?

Then in her twenties, life loomed large, Some days marked with happiness and some with tears.

The joys of bearing children came about, challenging she did admit.

Crazy times in between the lines

Carry on everyday but don’t be afraid to pause.

Dance in the building breeze and then in the rain,

Keep a smile on your face, even amidst the pain!

Every Dawn, each new sunset, so blessed with many hues,

The biggest blessing of all has been, Being loved by you!


Oddly Enough!

How odd to finally be going away, her mind in distress,

Even the shadows of her future were scary at best!

She sunk into the cushion of the back seat, stresses had taken their toll,

in and out of deep sleep, she’d awaken to still feel her empty soul!

Day turned into night, she didn’t seem to care,

Exhaustion filled her up as into her eyelids she continued to stare.

Arriving at their destination,  somewhat  a relief,

Goals were set for dreams renewed, was this actually a real belief?

Time did not wait for her to answer as it marched from days to months,

Right away a new job, meeting of new friends and never giving up!

Pressing forward she plucked the courage to give an old friend a call;

That was in the Autumn as dying leaves began to fall………………..


The  months have now turned into years of joy and happiness,

No more dingy days of unwanted criticism, no more ugliness!

My heart rejoices, brimming over with glee,

Because he accepts me for me!!!!!!!!!……….


The odds weren’t all that stacked, although it seemed so upon leavin,

Thanks to the Good Lord above, the odd bumps in the road have smoothed out

and now are even!