Still Learning

It’s cool and exciting but none the less,

Sometimes I find it confusing I must confess.

Years ago I had started a new job, and had to use a computer. Oh my,

I’ll tell on myself, (still giggling about it inside),

As on the job training began, the instructor told us to move the curser,

Ha ha I felt like a louse, as I turned to the person beside me and asked,

“What is a Mouse?”


So tiny she breathed in her first breath, crying and squirming about,

Days and months turned into years, they quickly came and went.

First, puppy loves, Fairy tales, some came true

How could she have known all her roads would lead to you?

Then in her twenties, life loomed large, Some days marked with happiness and some with tears.

The joys of bearing children came about, challenging she did admit.

Crazy times in between the lines

Carry on everyday but don’t be afraid to pause.

Dance in the building breeze and then in the rain,

Keep a smile on your face, even amidst the pain!

Every Dawn, each new sunset, so blessed with many hues,

The biggest blessing of all has been, Being loved by you!


Oddly Enough!

How odd to finally be going away, her mind in distress,

Even the shadows of her future were scary at best!

She sunk into the cushion of the back seat, stresses had taken their toll,

in and out of deep sleep, she’d awaken to still feel her empty soul!

Day turned into night, she didn’t seem to care,

Exhaustion filled her up as into her eyelids she continued to stare.

Arriving at their destination,  somewhat  a relief,

Goals were set for dreams renewed, was this actually a real belief?

Time did not wait for her to answer as it marched from days to months,

Right away a new job, meeting of new friends and never giving up!

Pressing forward she plucked the courage to give an old friend a call;

That was in the Autumn as dying leaves began to fall………………..


The  months have now turned into years of joy and happiness,

No more dingy days of unwanted criticism, no more ugliness!

My heart rejoices, brimming over with glee,

Because he accepts me for me!!!!!!!!!……….


The odds weren’t all that stacked, although it seemed so upon leavin,

Thanks to the Good Lord above, the odd bumps in the road have smoothed out

and now are even!




It’s Not Fair

Chaos, Challenges, Collections of grief,

Salty tears, bits of sadness, no sign of relief.

Dark waves, Disbelief, my soul fills with gloom,

Stress and sorrow, a future of endless doom?

In love and war they say it’s all fair, no trust;

It’s not Fair, Just a Circus!




imageSlowly, long, pink fingers pull back the covers, What a beautiful display!  Colored lines of beauty, caressing and creating soft curves across the scene, arising slowly, erasing the darkness into day!  The gray mist of dreaming fades in her fairest light, As sweet, sensual sunshine bids adieu to the night!

Oh Little Dog

Little dog you fill my heart with joy, you are so sweet.

Every morning you give me kisses when  we greet.

All my  feelings  you abide,

Thanks for always being by my side!

Letter To My Father

I smile as I think of you Dearest Father.  Without your love and constant guiedance I would be lost. I thank  you for your tenderness and passion for life and giving me a good start. For also, not giving up on me as I stumbled through my journey. I’m going to see you soon and looking forward to fishing together with you. Time is passing quickly and we will make some more good memories.  Tomorrow is never promised.  I keep this thought as part of my daily existence.  Thank you for teaching me kindness and how to be gentle with others. Thank you for your  constant love. As Father’s Day draws near and always I thank God for making you my Dad!   With All My Love!

Letter To My Mother

I will be coming to see you soon Mom.  I hope you will be well.  So many uncertainties hang over our heads,  no-one can really tell. Lots of memories of old and present and new,   fly through my head about you! There is a time for all things they say.  I’m not looking forward to our future in later days.    Then for now I will concentrate, on loving you as you have me all my days. Dementia is cruel, but part of life and through and through,  you will always be you. So many feelings wrestle in my head to get out and God is in control up above. Just wanted to tell you how I feel about you with all my love.  Although I am writing this letter to you Dear Mother, as I rant and vent; Alas in the end it will not be sent.  I love you very much. See you soon!

Finally Free

Gentle breeze awakens me

Bringing sweet thoughts as I drink my coffee,

Oncoming rain I smell in the distance,

Puts me in a surreal type of trance.

I so appreciate the blessings of today,

I’ve truley come a very long way.

Hard work and persistence have taken me here,

God, most of all has helped me conquer my fears.

So as I look at all things around me,

I’m thankful for finally being free!


Happy Lane

Colorful Birds sing out their morning melodies,

Soft sunshine wafts down gently to me,

My flower beds surround me, peace is attained.

As I find myself each morning strolling down happy lane.