My Secret Garden

Royal, purple majesty, red ladies all in a row!

Enchantment in my flower bed is all I need to know.

Mysterious how the flowers grow  so well,

As dazzling sunshine and teardrops of rain

Cast their delightful spell!

I’m tantalized as I stop to stare,

Whenever I roam through my secret garden fair!


My Secret Garden

Blessed I Am

Beautiful, misty morning, thank you! I am Blessed!

I am glad for last night’s peaceful rest!

When wispy clouds disappear,

I am sure the hazy skies will clear!

I am starting out a bit slow,

But I am sure I’ll get better as I go!

I am pleased for this opportunity to let my words flow!

Greetings And Great Expectations!

Good Morning Fellow Poets,

My name is Debbie Hainey and I am excited to begin my Half Poetry Marathon once again with all of you!  This a wonderful chance to express our feelings and ourselves, and to be creative and press forward in our beautiful world. I love writing poetry and short blogs on my group called “The Heart Speaks” which is on Facebook.  It is a closed group created by my daughter.  Writing poems, feelings and small or large quips or free verse on this fun group helps my mind, soul and body to exist and create and mostly  to release tensions or happy thoughts. I have joined The Half Poetry Marathon two other times and enjoyed it thouroughly! It challenges my mind and my soul and plucks at my heart strings. When the Marathon is over I feel very accomplished and peaceful as I sit back and simply smile.  I hope to meet some of you in this endeavor as we splash our thoughts onto the bare screen, and share  our hidden beauty from inside our hearts as our words dance onto the empty page! We will watch our covered seeds of thoughts push through the ground level and blossom into glorious blooms of creativity! Good luck to each and all! Have a Blessed Day! Thank you Jacob & Caitlin Jan’s for this wonderful opportunity!

The Cricket’s Serenade

I took the Jeep and drove to the Lake,

I blew a tire, I can’t catch a break!

What is worse I had no spare,

My phone had no signal, I was stuck out there.


Besides my dog I was all alone,

I felt an ache creep up under my breastbone.

I pitched my tent, gathered firewood, for it would be dark soon,

Listening to the cricket’s serenade, we sat by the roaring fire. Under the moon!

City Sidewalk

I saw him walking years ago, in the city with his dog in tow.

where were they going, where had they been?

He was pushing a grocery buggy so slow,

With all their belongings within.


Where would they rest, where would they sleep?

Would they even get anything to eat?

The sun would soon slip away as night began to creep.

I’m not even sure he had shoes on his feet.


I can’t imagine how empty he must have felt inside,

Or how he came to be at this point in his life.

Silently I asked God in prayer,

To be with this man and his dog out there!


Beyond Amazed

There aren’t enough words to describe

all the admiration I have inside,

For the very dear man I call my husband and my friend.

He doesn’t get stirred by the roaring wind.


No drama, no problem he can’t figure out,

No upset, no anger, no need to shout.

Understanding, kind, bringing peace of mind,

Thoughtful, caring never leaving me in a bind.


So many things he’s taught me, to listen to other’s,

The success of how to be a Mom but not a Mother.

He continuously waters my soul that once was crazed,

Never before have I ever been so inspired, I’m beyond amazed.



Wild Echo

Come with me as I escape to peaceful scene,

Quiet lake, no ripples found, graciously serene.

Snowy caps on mountain walls, chipmunks perch on rocky ledges.

Hear  the turkey’s morning call, watch for deer feeding near the grassy edges.


No rushing, no hurry, no time clock to punch.

No indigestion, for there is no racing through your lunch.

Leave your cell at home, no need to dial,

Come and sit a spell and listen to the echo of the wild.

Summer Rain

Somewhere in the distance there is the promise of some rain,

Gray clouds are building and moving fast as I watch from my country lane.

Anticipation is heightened down deep, far into my soul, it abounds;

I hope it plows straight overhead and doesn’t split and go around.


Gentle breezes soon arrive,  then their strength they gain,

Waiting far below are thirsty, golden fields of grain.

Their bodies dried and cracked waiting for the dark heavens to cry.

Then comes the jagged, purple lightning against the crooked sky.


Accompanied by raucous thunder that rocks the depths below,

Now comes the wicked storm as hoped for, let it blow.

As now I sit inside looking out at streaks of rain,

What a beautiful sight racing down my window pane.


Painted Love

Carefully he chose his brush and painted her with ease.

A bit more bright yellow, he gave the tube a squeeze.

In her wavy, brunette hair he dobbed wispy bows of blue.

Then on her dress he splashed red hearts of I love you!

He continued with some Violet’s in her small hands there,

Gently on and on he added her tender smile with his flair!

A lot of respect for his art and with a kindness in his voice she came to life.

He drew her from the canvas into his strong arms and made her his wife!



Breath of Rain!

The last few weeks have been desert like and densely hot,

Now the wind is picking up, first a little, now a lot!

Last night I surely enjoyed the smell of the gentle rain;

I am looking forward to hearing, and breathing it in sometime today once again!