Hour 24 – Friday

The shower of tears from the sky

She was thirsting for them

She gets filled with the petrichor

Awakening her spirit for a brief time

Coming from the brink of hopes and desires

She holds on to the possibilities

It seems like a meeting point

When the love birds reunite

After a long spell of dryness

Drenching herself in the unexpected rain

No umbrella to keep her safe

Longing for a cover

The chilled air brushing her heart

She sheds her sorrows

The broken her, rain drenched

It is time to fill herself with warmth

Friday making her shudder with life again.

©️ Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 23 – The World Beyond


Worlds collide

Unknown skies beckon

Adventure calls, hearts soar




Landscape strange

Colors beyond dreams

Creatures with eyes of wonder




Realms of light

Mysteries to unveil

Infinite possibilities

Journey’s beginning



Universe vast

Infinite dimensions

Endless beauty, boundless grace

Another world

©️ Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 22 – The Pizza Night

Dough stretched, toppings piled

Baking in the fiery heat

Pizza dreams take shape.


Melted cheese cascade

Tomato sauce, a vibrant sea

Pizza love abounds.


Pepperoni’s kiss

Spicy warmth on each slice’s edge

Savoring the heat.


Salty olives dance

Mushrooms whisper tales untold

Pizza night, pure joy.

©️ Divya Venkateswaran



Hour 21 – The Roar – Image Prompt

In the heart of the wild, where savannas sprawl

Stands a mighty lion, proud and tall

With mane like fire, a crown of gold

In the African plains, a story is told


His eyes aflame with a hunter’s desire

In the sun’s embrace, they gleam like fire

With muscles rippling, power untamed

In the circle of life, he’s forever named


Mouth wide open, a fearsome sight

Roaring thunder into the night

In the silence of the wilderness, he reigns

The king of the jungle, where courage remains


With every roar, he claims his domain

In the circle of life, he’ll forever reign

A symbol of strength, courage, and pride

The lion with mouth wide open, cannot hide.

©️ Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 20 – The Routine

Waking up before the sun’s first blush

Opening the sand papery eyes

The puppetry morning routine begins

Looking less drowsy than a zombie

Splashing cold water with a lack of expression

That pale inmate face polishing the addiction

Going about the morning chores

Keeps me acceptably sane

Having lunch with my gang of irritations

I am on with another taxing day

Waiting for it to run its course.

©️ Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 19 – A Writer’s Cup

This machine keeps me company

I often walk up to it

I find the drip drip drip musical

The fluffy brown rises

Jiggling, filling my cup

Unconsciously finching, taking a sip

It is bitter sweet and I have a burnt tongue

‘Ther’ are bigger things to consider

But ‘ther’ are smaller ones too

And I am in the midst of all

Am I feeling any different?

The intricate fantasies shock me

I see and feel in slow mo

I am unlucky to recognize this

Maybe I am overthinking

My coffee is finished

The brown drops have left a smile

On the bottom of a writer’s cup

I am lucky enough to notice this.

©️ Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 18 – A Spectral Soul

In twilight’s realm, where shadows play

A ghostly figure fades away

A specter from a distant past

In whispers, memories steadfast.


A wisp of life, once bound to earth

Now wanders, seeking second birth

In spectral form, it haunts the night

A spirit caught between the light


With eyes that hold eternal pain

A ghost relives its earthly chain

A tale of love, or vengeance sworn

In death, its purpose still reborn


It drifts through time, a silent wraith

Invisible to life’s bright faith

A reminder of what once was real

A haunting presence, time can’t heal


Though death has claimed its mortal frame

The ghost endures, a lingering flame

In the cosmic dance of fate’s grand host

A spectral soul, a timeless ghost.


© Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 17 – The Dark Me

They say my dark isn’t lovely

As in the event that my hair is

Not the color of the night

That holds the moon in

All her brilliant wonderfulness

As in the event that the dull doesn’t mend

The wounds of an onerous sun

On the off chance that my eyes

Aren’t profound enough to capture

A kaleidoscope of colors

As if my skin doesn’t shine luminescent

Delicate sufficient to motivate you to rest

To dream up another world with my wings

An extravagant dark like a mirror reflecting

The complete wide world.


© Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 16 – Sambaar

A little box of spices uncovered

Distinctive due to a local ingredient

Fresh, grated coconut, coriander seeds,

Roasted to perfection, flavors gradually permeating

The genesis of lunch

Lentil and tamarind mixed gravy

Vegetables in abundance

The podi differs across regions and households

Tempered with fresh curry leaves

A bliss with steaming fluffy rice

Sambaar an elixir so comforting.


© Divya Venkateswaran

Hour 15 – The War Within

Wipe your tears

The war within you is over

Healing is a process and it will take time

Wipe your tears and keep walking

Keep walking until you reach the end

‘Wher’ you see the lights

Glowing through thick walls

It is obvious to feel doomed

But you have survived those dark times

Look forward to a new journey

Pick up those wildflowers on the way

Just walk up a little further

Do not stop on these roads

Let the wildflowers grow

Worries will come and go

But I will hold your hand

I assure you this will be different

I know you will rather relive those painful memories

But girl, you have always been you

Let’s try once again.


*From the perspective of a healer


© Divya Venkateswaran

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