Hour 18 – A Spectral Soul

In twilight’s realm, where shadows play

A ghostly figure fades away

A specter from a distant past

In whispers, memories steadfast.


A wisp of life, once bound to earth

Now wanders, seeking second birth

In spectral form, it haunts the night

A spirit caught between the light


With eyes that hold eternal pain

A ghost relives its earthly chain

A tale of love, or vengeance sworn

In death, its purpose still reborn


It drifts through time, a silent wraith

Invisible to life’s bright faith

A reminder of what once was real

A haunting presence, time can’t heal


Though death has claimed its mortal frame

The ghost endures, a lingering flame

In the cosmic dance of fate’s grand host

A spectral soul, a timeless ghost.


© Divya Venkateswaran

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