Hour 4 – a Haiku

A Haiku based on the first photograph, the bouquet


On opening night
Presented to my Diva
My admiration

Hour 2: No Magic

No Magic

I’ve known no magic –
no fairy spell
no witch’s curse
I’ve known no alchemy or enchantment
– except for flowers
that grow unbidden in the grass
and open their small faces
to the sun
– except for fireflies
that sparkle amidst the trees
fliting everywhere
in random joy
– except for stars
burning across the vast universe from me
yet filling my night
with wonder

Hour 1 poem: Malicious



I am the thing that crawls around your brain

That whispers madness, disregard, distain

I am the darkness when you long for light

I make you dismal in the small hours of night

I am the words the swirl ‘round your head

Repeating remarks others once had said

I am the obscurity of visions, vile, untrue

That keeps you from seeing the momentous you

I am the malicious thoughts you deliberate

That twist and twine your hopes and bind your fate

I am what is keeping you from starting life anew

I am nothing but your thoughts. I am you.


Welcome Readers!

Welcome readers!

I appreciate you stopping by to look at my efforts from the marathon. Of course you are welcome to read anything, but I’d particularly like comments on Hours 1,3,6,8,10,16, and 18. It is from among these I’ll be selecting what I’ll submit to the anthology. hanging the lights (hour 3) is a definite. I haven’t picked my second one and would love to hear your suggestions and advice. Thanks!

Hour 24: blooming


the rosebush
despite my neglect
blooms again
the tiniest buds
are hard red things
but as they open
they fade to tangerine
and then to peach
becoming less tough
less closed-off
as should we become
as we grow and


Hour 23: Summer Days

Summer Days

It used to be
In summertime
We would spend all day in the pond
Diving off the dock
Swimming underwater
Playing in the sand
Not until Mother called
Would we walk, dripping
Up to the house
Sitting in wet bathing suits
To keep cool as long as possible
Even at the dinner table
Where ears of corn steamed in great piles
Outshining whatever meat was served

What a time that was

Hour 21: Step Up!

Step Up!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

It isn’t really that first step that’s the problem
We all take a few steps now and then
But with 5, 279, 998 more feet to go
You are looking at over three and a half million steps
If you take 6 thousand steps per day
Like the average American
You’ll be walking for 587 days
Or just over a year and a half
Then where will you be?
If you started in New York City
You might get as far as Jasper, Alabama
And what is there? Not much.
Remind me why we are doing this again?


Hour 20: On a Wire

On a Wire

Before the telegraph
Strung wires on poles
From coast to coast
Where did birds gather
In gossipy groups
Sharing the news of the day?
They cannot bask in the sun
On branches heavy with leaves
Nor gather in such groups
Where sprigs and twigs
Interrupt the flow
And nothing on the prairie
Proffered such a perch
As we advance with satellites
And wireless technology
Will the birds be sad
To see the neighborhood go?