The Boys Are Back

We don’t create legends. We are them.

When we converge, there’s nothing we can’t do.

As soon as they see us coming, their trepidations cease,

Knowing that we’re prepared for anything and ready to

Do whatever it takes to protect our own.

The brotherhood

It all started in the college days.

We knew it would last.

Back then, it all felt like a haze.

But that was in the past.

Now we’re brothers

As close as can be

And there are no others.

Just him and me

Days Gone By

For whatever reason, the planet keeps turning.

Sun up, sun down. It makes no difference.

We remain slaves to our own fate. As if that

Weren’t poignant enough, there’s really not

Much we can do about it short of throwing our existence

Into chaos or bringing it to an abrupt halt. But life has no

Patience for frivolous requests. This is our time, for better or worse.

Squandering it would be a sign of weakness.

Finding your way

Disavow your sight. You’ll be more perceptive that way,

Able to sense your family regardless of how many parsecs away they are.

Know that they are with you even if they don’t appear

On your radar. We’re all bound by the constrictions of time

And space and, for once, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.



The world you once knew is gone.

It’s been remade in nobody’s image.

We’re not quite sure what remains.

All we have confirmation of is a prison transport ship, an old, worn-out ark,

Two nightbloods and a bunker filled with the last of humanity.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but I defy you to look me in the eyes

And tell me you’re not the least bit excited to find out.

When the rains return

You can tell by the petrichor in the air.

It gives off somewhat of a poignant odor,

Something which hasn’t graced our presence in

Quite some time.


But we don’t relegate ourselves to the indoors.

We’re better than that. Instead, we charge out there

And feel the full force of nature pounding our skin ,

Letting us know how inconsequential it can become.


We let it all seep in until it becomes part of us,

Until we can’t tell where the rain ends and we begin.

When all is said and done, we’ll cross the threshold once more

And let nature be the eyes we have since disregarded,

Staring profoundly out the window,

Always looking at everything but seeing nothing

The letter of Truth

To Whom It Doesn’t Concern,

We cordially invite you to knock it off.

We are not rapists. We are not fake news.

We are not three million illegal voters.

We are not burdens to the military.

What we are is a country of human beings,

All of whom were created equal.

You are not judge, jury and executioner.

So stop acting like it.

Yours Truly,

The Sane Ones

How to travel fearlessly

Just go. Don’t even think twice about it.

Turn off your brain and watch yourself sail

Down the highway at top speed come what may.

You may have to come back down every once

In a while to refuel but, once that’s done, you’re free to soar

Among the heavens once more, not a care in the world,

Waiting for the universe to decide when it’s had its fill of you.

What We Leave Behind

All the memories are still here. There’s my first time meeting my best friend.

You must be careful with that one. It’s extremely fragile.

Over by the wall is prom. You can throw that one at the wall. Senior, but not junior.

The rest you can do with as you wish but make sure they’re in good hands.

I’d like them to be like MLK: gone but never forgotten.