A million ways to die

Here we are for better or worse.

We take it all as it comes and

Roll with the tide as it washes out to shore.

A million way to die but only one way to survive


You’re not a victim of circumstance.

We all are. Whether you try and play the hero or drop to your death at Nakatomi Plaza,

It doesn’t change the fact that there are still

A million ways to die but only one way to survive.


We try so hard,

Never questioning our own existence, at least not as much as we should be

But at the end of the day, the fact remains as such:

A million ways to die but only one way to survive.


You can die hard, die another day,

Live and let die, die young.

Just make sure it was worth it.

A million ways to die but only one way to survive.

What Dreams May Come

I just want you to know I understand why you felt the need to ostracize yourself.

It’s never easy and it never will be.

I know it wasn’t to hurt me. I know it wasn’t to scar the world.

It was out of some misplaced sense of self righteousness

And maybe that’s what we all need right about now.

Life as we know it

The warning signs were all but ignored.

We tried to stop it but it was too late.

It had already metamorphosed and

We woke up to a society we didn’t even recognize.

Now we fight to reclaim a world that was never

Lost in the first place but merely hiding in the shadows.

Rise and Shine

Things look better that way, anyway, even the things you can’t see.

With the world as your adversary, nothing is as it seems.

You could banish war to another dimension and not even think twice

If only we realized our full potential.



be the

best ever,


something the world has never even seen


dead of night

The sound of cicadas is the only thing

that cuts through the silence. Maybe it

means something. Maybe it doesn’t.

All I know is this is a lonely hour

and i anxiously await the moment

when the rest of the world will rise.

I’m ok with that

Dear Brother,

I’m ok with that.

I just thought you should know.

I wasn’t at first but then I realized

I won’t be the one missing out on this momentous occasion.

The only person who falls into that category is you.

So if you think a once a year event is more important

than a once in a lifetime event, that’s your business

but just know you won’t get a second chance to see me

walk across that stage. So, if this it, have a great life

and if you ever feel the need to apologize, just know that

I’m ok with that.

Your Truly,


Power through

We have all been there

We’ve all had our share

of shit

But it gets better

Don’t be a sweater.

Just hit

If you can just see

What you’re meant to be

Your grit


There once was a girl who was a slob

Who left home to go work at her job.

Her dad was so wry

About her pig sty

And now it’s been condemned by a snob

So they say

All day

Watching cars pass.

You could venture out there

But there’s nothing left for you, so

They say