I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it as many times as necessary. We light the

world in so

many ways beyond your comprehension. We remain adrift for much of it but when

we come into shore, the red carpet is already there.


We look inside ourselves and see what’s still functioning. We constantly seek out these

inane obfuscations in the hopes that it will provide some sort of direction or guidance in an otherwise lost existence. We think it’s all lost and then we hear that soothing voice reminding us we still have time.

The whispers of the goldfinger warn us of the impending danger and remind us where we are.

“You’ve suffered sufficiently and won your unwinnable war. Stop pretending your failure is genuine”.

Rest up for the battle ahead. Many victories are won through passivity.

From Russia With Love

Look across the pond and acknowledge the facade of yourself staring back.

Levity is not the adversary of pure evil you perceive it to be. We stumble through ourselves wondering why so many of us let xenophobia permeate every aspect of their existence as if that were the way to attain enlightenment.

But, Russia, we see you. We acknowledge all aspects of you and we recognize how difficult it must be to live in a region whose reputation has been tainted by the leading narcissist and his goons who seek to destroy anything that threatens their “precious” way of life.

We gaze up at the night lights and remember all those who have been taken from us too soon, those who lost their existence fighting for justice and doing everything in their power to leave the universe just a bit more improved than the condition in which they discovered it.

You may be gone but your sacrifices will never become subjected to the horrors and injustices of evanescence. We know you’re in a better place now and we want to assure you we will continue to fight the good fight and discover what it truly means to be human in a world that constantly tries to make us forget.

Dr. No

The story that started it all. It’s hard to believe it’s been over half a century since

we were goaded into believing the tales of a man who can get any girl he wants simply by flashing his eyes at her

and, despite his womanizing ways, still always somehow manages to get the job done

and prevent the world from falling into disarray. It’s been a long road. Who knows where it will take us? But

I’m excited to see how Craig performs in his swan song as the series moves into its 25th outing in less than a year. I just hope it leaves us shaken, not stirred,

Everyone dies in the end

Beating around the bush is absolutely pointless.

We all know how it ends. It’s not a matter of if but when.

Midnight has nothing to say to you. Consider yourself

Lucky. In any other universe, he wouldn’t even

Know who you are. Trampled by your own forces

And nowhere left to go. Jump back through the portal,

Climb into bed and call it a night. Trust me when I say

You got off easy, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

So it begins

Let the darkness penetrate your body
Don’t be fooled by the frauds and charlatans
By this time tomorrow, society will have moved on without you
At least you burned through the night

Don’t be fooled by the frauds and charlatans
When everyone else presumed you dead
At least you burned through the night
You rose steadily and exonerated mankind

When everyone else presumed you dead
Another journey around the sun
You rose steadily and exonerated mankind
And not much had changed

Another journey around the sun
Let the darkness penetrate your body
And not much had changed
By this time tomorrow, society will have moved on without you

The last of us

This is what it’s come to.

Being the last line of defense in a

World that struggles to keep from crumbling in on itself.

Whatever the case, I will always be prepared to ward off the forces of darkness.

It’s tough work but somebody has to be out there doing it

Lest the universe descend into anarchy.

Not on my watch.

In the shadows

Somewhere only the darkness is familiar with.

We know how important it is to go there

If you want to know the secrets of the universe.


We don’t belong in the belfry of darkness.

We have a higher calling such as finding a way to

Go to the equator and wait for the sun to strike at just the right time.


When it’s all over, we’ll be able to rise out of the ashes

And be reborn in a new image.

Then, you’ll finally achieve enlightenment.

Alphabetic Anxiety Part 2

No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man. That is

One of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

Probably because it’s so much different and more

Quiet than the lame EDM crap we have today.

Rather, it has a

Soulful melody and the

Timing is simply perfect.

Underneath it all, you realize that, while it’s not

Vivacious, it’s a very well

Written piece of music. It transports you to a state of

Xanadu and makes

You want to leave the world behind and

Zip over to Shangri La.

Alphabetic Anxiety Part 1

Alabaster skin may contribute to your surging popularity

But it doesn’t define you. I

Can’t even imagine why people would get so hung up on that stuff.

Don’t they know how ridiculous it is?

Even if you’re the most famous person in school, it will all

Fade away once you

Graduate. Then, you’ll

Have to get a job at which point

I guarantee you nobody, not even

Jerry, will care about who’s popular or not. But don’t

Kill yourself over it. You’ve

Managed just fine before and you can do it again.