#12 – Faux

Feathers of red, orange, and yellow.
Reborn from ashes yet again.
Comes to those who are loyal.
Taking to flight once more.
Maimed a Basilisk.
Tears of healing.
Immense strength.


#10 – Beginings

A new year starts.
With the hope
of a new beginning.

New challenges with
new solutions.

Greater opportunities.
Chances for new
friends and time
with old friends.

Fresh starts all around.
Here's to new beginnings.

#9 – Fall From Grace

What have I done?
Things used to be easier.

Where did I make
a wrong turn?
When did I 
fall so far?

Was it not yesterday,
that things were better?

Why did I let this
darkness grow,
take control of
my life, change me?

How does one let light
shine again into the soul?

When was the last time
the light touched my mind?

Lost with no direction.
A path once so clear,
now clouded by uncertainty.

Nowhere to go.

No one here.

Only one way
left, right?
Back to the light.

#8 – To Fly

What it would beĀ 
to fly through the open sky.
Wind in your face.
Freedom like no other.
Above the clouds,
the sun warming the soul.
Watching the creatures below.
Going about their lives.
Swoop down for a closer look.
Little creatures moving like ants.
Back above the clouds.
Where it is warm and safe.

#7 – Normal

What is normal?
Conforming to the usual.
What is "usual"?
Who determines the "usual"?
Why do they get to say what is "usual"?

If I say what is normal,
how can anyone say I am abnormal?

Normal is subjective.
It is compliance to a standard.
What is normal for one,
may not be for another.

The only normal that
should be universal, 
is to be tolerant of
other peoples' normal.


#6 – Pandora’s Box

Monster inside.
Fighting to be free.
A black dragon,
shiny and sleek.

Don't let him out.
Into the world he flies,
with wings spread.
A shadow blotting out the sun.

It feels good to be out.
Go anywhere, do anything.
Be who I want to be.
Have all the things.

Watch out, the beast is loose.
Pandora's box is broken.
I will never be caged,
ever again.

#5 – Time

Memories long lost.
Photographs of a simpler time.
A time when a dollar
would get you a lot more.

People were more active,
spending time outside.
Having conversations
with people's faces.

Cross country travel
taking days not hours.
Hard work the norm,
lazy being the minority.

Families lived much closer,
sometimes sharing a living space.
Businesses were family owned,
with good service a necessity.

Oh, the good old days!
Where have you gone?
Buried as this time capsule,
I suppose.

#4 – Demons

"Their memories are long. Their hatred even longer." 
     James Rollins - "The 6th Extinction"

Inside my head,
cluttering my past.
Plans to destroy
my future.

Hatred so dark,
memories lasting.
Unable to escape,
unwilling to try.

Learning and adapting
to ensure my demise.
Demons pushing.
Tears flowing.

Blackness overwhelming.
No light showing the path.
Then, somewhere a light at
the end of a tunnel.

#2 – The Dog – Best Life Example

Stop to smell the roses,
and everything else.

Stretch every morning.
Play hard as often as possible.

Intuitive to feelings of others.
Cuddle all of the day.

One's best friend.
Gives unconditional love.

Always forgiving.
Grudges never held.

Listen for hours.
No judgements given.

Often misunderstood.
Never ending resilience.

Dogs, life's best example.