Hour 2 (10 am)


We sit quietly
Under the soft moonlight
Giddy and blushing
Like teenagers in puppy love
Rushing through my body are feelings
Of anxiety, excitement and passion
untamed and exchanged
through our fiery glances
We can’t deny the lust
While you caress my inner thigh
I feel your wandering hand reach high
Gently working your way to my warm, wet lips
I straddle you and begin kissing you under
Your navel and work my way up your strong body
teasing you with each kiss’s placement
Using foreplay to make a bold statement
It’s 2 am, and it’s been said that
nothing good happens after hours
But I beg to differ, this is a love I devour
We lust, we love, and sex until we pass out
“Good morning,” you whisper to me
My eyes crack open, wincing at the light
Shining in from the window you’ve opened
You take another sip of your coffee
Before kissing me on the forehead
Returning to your morning ritual
While humming our song
I smile, knowing last night was a job well done

9 am


I feel weightless while


The sounds in my ears

are like a gentle thunder


I am free under the

Shooshing water

Creating ripples as I

exhale small bubbles


Looking up, I see

A distorted vision

Of the land

We call home


Much like many people live


Focusing only on

Our next breath


Forgetting to


The beauty which

Surrounds us






Hello everyone, my name is Fionna. This is my first marathon. I’ll be doing the half marathon because I’m a mother to an energetic 1 1/2 year old, and my sanity depends on having SOME sleep. My love for words started when I was just a wee-one and has carried over into my adulthood.

In poetry, I’m still working on my form and fine-tuning my voice so this will be an exciting challenge and exercise. I’ve self-published two poetry books and one children’s book. My writing journey has been challenging and trying, at times. It isn’t always easy pursuing your passion. I’m grateful for groups like these where there is support and encouragement to keep going among like-minded peers.

I’ll be visiting my parents tomorrow (an hour and a half drive) and we don’t get to visit very often, so some of my poems may be submitted late so we can spend some quality time. I agreed to this forgetting that we had planned this visit. But, I’m determined to make it work. Besides, I’m sure they’ll be preoccupied with my daughter (their grand baby) anyway!

Happy writing tomorrow!