Hello everyone, my name is Fionna. This is my first marathon. I’ll be doing the half marathon because I’m a mother to an energetic 1 1/2 year old, and my sanity depends on having SOME sleep. My love for words started when I was just a wee-one and has carried over into my adulthood.

In poetry, I’m still working on my form and fine-tuning my voice so this will be an exciting challenge and exercise. I’ve self-published two poetry books and one children’s book. My writing journey has been challenging and trying, at times. It isn’t always easy pursuing your passion. I’m grateful for groups like these where there is support and encouragement to keep going among like-minded peers.

I’ll be visiting my parents tomorrow (an hour and a half drive) and we don’t get to visit very often, so some of my poems may be submitted late so we can spend some quality time. I agreed to this forgetting that we had planned this visit. But, I’m determined to make it work. Besides, I’m sure they’ll be preoccupied with my daughter (their grand baby) anyway!

Happy writing tomorrow!

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