Time to leave (Hour 24)

Finally I can see the peak,
the journey turned out to be so neat,
didn’t realize we came to the end,
time to leave until we meet again.

One can take some rest,
enjoy the view,
you are on the top,
time for something new,
we will gather once more,
and celebrate this journey we began.

Time to leave now,
see you next time,
we will meet again!

P.S: Dedicated to my fellow poets who took part in the marathon.

The second last (Hour 23)

Everyone talks about the firsts or the lasts,
the beginning or the ends,
but what about just before it ends,
when sun and moon appear together in the sky,
Its not night yet,
neither a full sunrise.

Just before the exam bell rings
you are yet to write the last answer,
there is still some time left,
no need to hold your breath.

Just before walking the aisle,
still holding your father’s hand,
there still some while left,
before you get on with life.

Before saying goodbye,
knowing its not the end,
the last time, the last lines are special,
but its the second lasts,
just before the time something changes,
which holds together,
until we meet next.

Still lurking around (Hour 22)

A house on the road,
calls my name,
whenever I stop,
it calls me again,
shows me the past,
promises me future,
calls me again,
never to let me go,
illusion I thought,
delusion I feel,
not sure what is real,
or what has been stole,
my memories are gone,
everything is unknown,
my loved ones think I am gone,
but I am lurking alone.

Beneath the surface (Hour 21)

Has it ever crossed your mind,
how we are defined,
what makes us who we are,
what tells us who we are,
or dictates us who we are,
in this hustle called life,
how do we survive,
do we keep up with the grind,
or we dare to just swim,
away from this world,
where we are not free,
to another one,
where everyone agrees,
we are made up of stardust,
there is magic in me,
each one is unique.

Our minds our different,
we are separate beings,
still something binds us,
its not our flesh,
nor the skin on it,
not the language we speak,
its the home we share,
not the boundaries we made,
have you ever revealed,
discovered beneath,
the surface of earth,
the surface of heart,
a voice trying to reach,
tells who you truly are.

Flow like a river (Hour 20)

Not part of the sea yet,
she flows until her soulmate embraces her.

She dances through the path,
blessing everyone in her way,
nourishing those who are good,
punishing those who try to change her.

The man may grow advance techs,
thinking of themselves as perfect,
one thing they must never forget,
its the nature which demands respect.

No matter how many species come and go,
the river never stops to flow,
If you want to feel her glow,
then keep your walk slow.

Dip your feet in the river,
thank her for all , she is a giver,
She blesses when you love her,
do not disturb the river.

Take me home (Hour 19)

Its been a while,
I have walked miles,
the road ahead is long,
and you are still gone,
I am all alone,
no one to call,
no one to hold,
where to see,
what to know,
you may have come,
are my dreams still true,
can it happen,
or its undone,
don’t burn this bridge,
it may take us somewhere,
that is unknown,
a place far away,
where no one stays,
we will be alone,
now take me home.

Chasing Rainbows (Hour 17)

The little kid in me,
sometimes wish to see,
a sky full of rainbows.

Imagine how it would be,
magical to witness,
such a possibility.

Every color in its full glory,
telling a different story,
Each filling the sky,
taking its own space,
getting its own place.

World looks like a wonderland,
when the sky shines its colorful wand,
asks everyone to be true,
then chase a rainbow that speaks to you.

The guiding light (Hour 16)

Once while crossing the woods,
it was dark in the night,
not a soul in sight,
being brave, she walked alone,
and soon found something on its own,
it was a globe of light,
shining like a blue moon at night,
she held it in her hands,
found her vision expand,
her path became clear,
her destination was near,
the dark forest was still there,
but the guiding light was here.

The cleansing (Hour 15)

Open the doors,
come on,
step outside.

Nothing can hurt you,
droplets of water,
shower of the rain,
you get drenched in it,
heal the pain.

The water reaches your soul,
fills you up again,
with love and hope,
everything will be well again.

Till then,
dance in the rain.

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