Beneath the surface (Hour 21)

Has it ever crossed your mind,
how we are defined,
what makes us who we are,
what tells us who we are,
or dictates us who we are,
in this hustle called life,
how do we survive,
do we keep up with the grind,
or we dare to just swim,
away from this world,
where we are not free,
to another one,
where everyone agrees,
we are made up of stardust,
there is magic in me,
each one is unique.

Our minds our different,
we are separate beings,
still something binds us,
its not our flesh,
nor the skin on it,
not the language we speak,
its the home we share,
not the boundaries we made,
have you ever revealed,
discovered beneath,
the surface of earth,
the surface of heart,
a voice trying to reach,
tells who you truly are.

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