Embrace the truth

They tell you how to look,

The necessity to put on make-up,

What size you should be,

How should you breathe


They tell you what to think,

Command you what to speak,

Don’t go far away,

Just do not seek the reality.


The masks they tell you to wear,

Even if inside you scream,

Not aloud to show your grief.


They want you to be defined,

To fit in their little boxes,

Do not seek the truth,

Or you will be free.


Free from the lies,

The fake promises they make,

The images will be shattered,

The standards may break.


Do not let them hold you again,

Don’t let the pictures fool you,

You in yourself are enough,

It’s time to embrace the truth.

Dreamy Eyed

The Dream,

A bright light shook me up,

I wasn’t awake yet,

or wasn’t awake yet,

Oh! the dreams of mine,

Doesn’t let me choose a path.


The Dreams,

Not just one,

Many of them.

I wanna ride high,

I wanna dive deep,

Too many shapes,

Too many lanes,

Which one to choose,

Where to leave.


The one dream,

Found it at last,

The one that doesn’t just passes by,

Not just a flicker of thought,

This one makes me shine,

The reason I woke up again today..

A date with yourself- The recipe

Start with untangling your hair,

Let them fly,

Running along the wind,

As it touches your face,

Add the main ingredient, Freedom.



Free Yourself,

From the thoughts that make you frown,

From what others might think of you,

From the gaze of strangers.


Add in some sass,

Not too much,

Just to fire it up,

Now add lots of you,

Yes You,

The one which hides behind the closet doors,

The one which thinks about her less,

Let her be free.


Stir it up with confidence,

Let it simmer a little,

Remember to not add anyone’s company,

This time just you with you,

Remember to break all the rules,

Embark on your own journey,

Time to switch off,

From all the worries…


Can’t see a soul

My eyes still search

No one to talk, to tell

My lips moving, hearing them laugh

No one to hold,

Can’t hear everything’s right anymore

Thousands walk beside me

Still I walk alone

The emptiness inside, my only companion

Namaste From Delhi, India!

I am Hardika and this will be my 5th full Poetry marathon this year. These 24 hours has always given me a way back to my heart, this is the most exciting time of the year for me. I am glad that the marathon is back this year because everyone needs it.

P.S: All the first timers, Welcome to the club!


Sometimes in life
When you are sure about a decision
When you think you know best
You make mistakes
You choose wrong
You become blind
Not every time your heart is right
Sometimes the choices you make
Are wrong
And life wrecking
Be careful of those Choices!


Bouquets are beautiful
A symbol of co-existence
Of what unity looks like
Every kind of flower
Bundled in harmony
Filled with wishes
Reminding you
That we are meant to exist the same way


When you see more
Experience less

When you scroll more
Read less

When you talk more
understand less

When your real friends decrease
Virtual accounts increase

When you eat more
Taste less

Then you are on a journey away from nature
You are doing something wrong
Because then you are living less…


Sorry for the pain
Accept my apology
Emotions blinded me
Didn’t see the destruction
Didn’t see your tears
or heard your voice
Ignored the signs

There is still time
I will make it up to you
This won’t happen again
I am sorry for treating you like garbage
My body
We will become BFFs now…

The Longing

She stood on the street
With a bag full of memories
Here eyes were wet
And brain was dead
She didn’t thought this would happen
Her calculations were perfect
She had figured it all out
But guess no one knows Whats ahead

Her bag was heavy
She was ready
This time she will let the heart lead
Her brain was tired now

The stashed paint brushes
Longed for her to come home…