Sleepy Head

Its like that rabbit and the turtle,

The race between you and the sleep,

No matter how hard you try,

Its never for a sec,

The nap extends anyways,

You wake up to see,

The turtle winning,

Or was it just a dream?

The run

When everything seems wrong,

You run,

When storm is strong,

You run,

When you can’t get home,

You run,

When you have some goals,

You run.


You run to meet the deadline,

You run to keep that waistline,

You run to solve problems,

And when the path seems long,

You run…

A new dawn

My sleep broke,

Not with the alarm,

But with the chirping birds,

I got up,

As they sang the song of dawn.


Ready to embark on a new journey.

Without any luggage,

This time no guilt or barrier can stop me…

To Winden

Those who know, know.

A place like a mystery,

Where everything has a history,

Here time spins like a wheel,

It never ends,

It doesn’t heal.


Everything is connected they say,

But how?

Is it possible to travel in time?

Possible to make it all right?

To not make mistakes at all?

or maybe not making severe ones at least.

I am yet to find,

Till then, the story continues…

The Hour

Woke up again,

The time is same,

Many stories about it,

Was that a creak I heard upstairs?

Hello! Is somebody there?

Where is the wind coming from?

All the windows are shut,

Oh God! was it all not a fuss?

Are the legends true?

Is the devil true?

But wait a sec, are those my brother’s shoes?

He is back,

Silly me, let’s go back to sleep,

Anyways its 3 AM here,

But somewhere on the globe its 3PM too,

Time to dream again…

And stranger it gets

Looking out of my window,

Spotted a firefly,

Time for an adventure,

Grabbed my mask,

Covid hasn’t gone yet,

Off to chase,

There it goes,

Let me click a picture,

Zoom in closer,

Where did it go?

Into the strange cottage again?

Still illuminating inside…



A dream again?

Time to fill the empty stomach,

Sweet porridge awaits,

Wait, is that the firefly again?

Emoji Lies

It was meant to express,

Now used to fake,

Do we really roll on the floor?

or quietly just smile.

Are we really so happy

or pretend to be.

Even our sadness converts into a smiley,

We cry through the emojis

While our eyes remain dry.

We laugh through them

When all we do is frown,

It was meant to express

But all we do is impress…

The season of unknown

The curious soul,

Wanders in the dark,

Looking for a spark,

Our thirst for the search,

Left us with nothing.


We thought to know it all,

or getting closer to it,

The universe proved us wrong,

No matter what we do,

How far we go,

We will remain a small part of cosmos,

Never know the unknown,

Won’t go through the black hole…

When the day ends

The sky turning grey,

Could feel the droplets coming down,

The smell of wet earth,

seeping in through my windows,

I open the gates,

All drenched now,

The lovers have finally met.


The sea dancing with me,

Wind teasing me,

Yes, its cold,

Still don’t care at all,

All drenched to be reborn again..

Wandering at Sky

Look up,

The sky is not all black,

Look close,

The moon is missing,

But stars still shine.


We may not see the sun yet,

Sparkling stars give us hope,

Light is out there,

Keeping us enlightened,

Telling us to wait for sunrise..