I found the rabbit
Followed him to the tree
Alas, the hole is too small for me
Can’t keep going
Tried calling the rabbit out
He hasn’t changed much
Still wears the watch
We are friends now
He is showing me another way

He always says
Never worry if you can’t fit in
There are always doors
Made just for you..

Lost And Found

One may forget
The land
Grounds one used to play on
Mountains they hiked
Soil,their father sowed seeds in

One may go to the city
Live in Tall buildings
Meet new people
Create another world

Then one day you go back
Realizing your mistake
Guess What
It welcomes you with open arms
Hugs you tight
Accepts you the you are
The land knows you even when you are lost….

My old self

Look here you are
Doing what you want
Living life on your terms
Getting better
With the one you love
Yes you survived

Dear old self
We all survive at last


While over looking the sea
One day
I saw a ship vanishing at the horizon
That made me realize
I can’t see the ship
But it continues to sail

There are things we don’t know exists
But they do
Out of sight
Not out of existence


The symbol of peace
An act of protest
Could make you strong
Or make you weak
Could build relations
And destroy them too

If used wisely
It could solve things
Bring change
But be careful
If used foolishly
It could be the most destructive weapon

Wake up

No matter how long it takes
When the sun shines
You have to get up
Smell the coffee
Get ready
See the truth
Fight for it
Get to work

When the sun says Good Morning
You have to wake up!


It was beautiful
The valley was vast
Full of Flowers
There was no trek to follow
You decided your own path

Her wish came true
Finally she was bale to take her own decisions
Decide her own fate
Master of her destiny
She was no more worried about the path
Her destination suddenly became clear


Clothes on chair
A cluster of all the things on table
Half eaten packets of snacks lying around
Mismatched pillow covers

It was a room of two bachelors
Who tied the knot just 4 months ago

Her Day

The sun came up
Birds cheered up
The dawn happened everyday
But this one was new

It was her day
Unlike other days before..


They smiled with new hopes
Without burdens on their backs

The books told them stories
Not theories with only facts

They were free to run on the playground
To paint the town colorful

They were free to believe
Free to dream
Free to change the world
or just make one of their own

There were no boundaries
Only areas to explore
Debates to discuss
Views to agree or disagree

There were friends to be made
Teachers to guide

And then my eyes opened
Outside my window
was an old building
filled with children
crying for help…