View Through the Shutters

The cadmium red wall

Sap green ferns frame the flower garden

Nickel gold azo bulbs center the frame

Dots of cobalt blue peek through

Berries of quinacridone red thrive beside

The indigo stalks.

The meticulous touch of the

Gardener’s hands meander throughout

A Good Bye



Definitely not good for me

For my independence, my intelligence,

Or my integrity, but

Miss talking about the old times,

Fun times, wild times.

Miss his power, pride, and arrogance.

Miss his charisma and charm.

Shattered my ego and my pride.

Damaging and deceitful.


Good bye.

Black Silk Heart

Gold straps support the black silk heart

across her porcelain skin.

The black silhouette narrows to her waist

And the beauty explodes across her hips

Defining the shapely physique

Purple Mountain Majesty

When she smiles, she lights up the sky

Her eyes sparkle and dazzle.

But that hair,

That hair,

That beautiful purple hair.

It’s majestic and royal and grand.

Layers and layers of curls,

Styled so high.

An indigo spire

In the sky.

The Forest Queen

The Forest Queen commands all in her land,

The other trees, the grass, the animals,

Even the wind bows down before her.

She stands with grandeur in her domain.

Her branches reach out and sculpt the sky.

She has dominion over all

Except One.

The electrical wires that run through her branches.

They race through her spire

And charge the air with currents.

She rules over all

Except man.

Space Safari

A safari of sounds

When darkness is around

Craters that breathe

Suspended disbelief

Noxious smells

Imagination casting its spells

All is darkness in this space

Evening Fog

Evening fog has set in

While everyone else is in bed

Rhyme schemes dance in my head


I’m sleepy and grumpy

And full of despair

Half-marathoners have no more cares


Five more hours to stay up

Five more poems yet to think

Five more hours of writing that really stinks

Crooked Lines

I lost my T-square

Searched the studio up and down

It’s nowhere to be found.


My “straight” lines go at a slant

Without that cap on top.

Draw a straight line— I can’t


Finally gave in and bought another.

Then found the first one on the counter.

Desktop organizer? Why bother?

The Trouble with Tuffets

I did not, repeat did not,

Sit on a tuffet.

I sat on a bench.

A bench, I tell you.


And this nonsense about curds and whey?

Have you ever tasted curds?

They may as well call it “squeaky cheese”—

It is not good.

And whey?


It’s disgusting.


And that spider?

I’m not afraid of some


He may have startled me,

But I was not afraid.

I squashed him.


That Goose is a lyin’, flippin’ fowl


“Take me fishing, brothers

The gods promised a bountiful catch

But we must leave now.”


The four brothers paddled

a short distance from shore

When their longboat stops abruptly


“Row fast, harder.

I’ve caught a large one,”

The three oldest brothers row harder,

Not noticing the dropped anchor,

And the islands rising from the ocean.


The youngest brother turns

And looks at the chain of islands.

And smiles.


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