Crooked Lines

I lost my T-square

Searched the studio up and down

It’s nowhere to be found.


My “straight” lines go at a slant

Without that cap on top.

Draw a straight line— I can’t


Finally gave in and bought another.

Then found the first one on the counter.

Desktop organizer? Why bother?

The Trouble with Tuffets

I did not, repeat did not,

Sit on a tuffet.

I sat on a bench.

A bench, I tell you.


And this nonsense about curds and whey?

Have you ever tasted curds?

They may as well call it “squeaky cheese”—

It is not good.

And whey?


It’s disgusting.


And that spider?

I’m not afraid of some


He may have startled me,

But I was not afraid.

I squashed him.


That Goose is a lyin’, flippin’ fowl


“Take me fishing, brothers

The gods promised a bountiful catch

But we must leave now.”


The four brothers paddled

a short distance from shore

When their longboat stops abruptly


“Row fast, harder.

I’ve caught a large one,”

The three oldest brothers row harder,

Not noticing the dropped anchor,

And the islands rising from the ocean.


The youngest brother turns

And looks at the chain of islands.

And smiles.


Six Jars

Down the creepy road,

She lived in the house

She had six children

But never a spouse


Under the rays of moonlight,

Beneath the beams of stars,

She crept outside

Wearing a raincoat, carrying a jar


She knelt on her knees and elbows

As she removed the jar from her coat

She captured a frog

Then penned a curious note


When she passed away

She left little behind

Six jars rested on bookshelf

Each tied with a card and signed

Pallet in the Sky

Light refracts predictably,

But Imagine what it would be

If it lined up in a pattern other than

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green . . . ?

Imagine a pallet

Where those colors choose a different path?

I’m not a scientist, but imagine that puzzling math.

Green next to orange?

Yellow next to purple?

That rainbow would suck.

Brilliance of the Mind

Now I lay me down to sleep

All those dreams I wish to keep

My eyes close

But the movie plays


What treasures lie in my mind

Villainous gems too hazy to define

My eyes close

But the creatures snarl and stir


Universal conflicts are solved

All our mortal sins are absolved

My eyes close

But the science cures


Synapsis rage and fire

Planting seeds to inspire

My eyes close

But the engine burns


By the morning light

No memories remain in this twilight

My eyes open

The brilliance dies

From The Window (In Black and White)

Take my hand in yours

And sail away

To that distant shore


We’ll leave this black and white

We’ll leave by ocean

Let’s leave tonight


Through the window

We’ll find passage

We’ll find the light


Fight through the rain

Search through clouds

All to leave this town


Take my hand

And trust in me


Cerulean eyes

With the cold jolt of honesty

And cruelty

Murmured the words

Burnt Sienna

Could not understand,

“You don’t know what love is.”


And with those words,

The door closed between the two


But one remained

On both sides.

Nickel Gold Azo

Stood there,

In the shards of color,

His world


Tarantula Obsession

Each night, peeking under my pillow

Waiting for the eight-legged monster

To strike.

Each day, opening the front door

Waiting for the furry arachnid

To attack.

Every visit to the zoo, lurking by the terrarium

Waiting for the fanged creature

To escape.

He didn’t strike, or

Attack, or


He just sat there

On his furry ass

Eating bugs.

Kiss on My Brow

His darkness I must bear and Take.

His broken promise consecrated by This:

All it took was just his Kiss.

My heart and soul, he cast his spell Upon

A prisoner of manipulation and deceit; The

Only love breathes with that deadly kiss on my Brow


A Dream Within a Dream, EA Poe