Black Swan Lake

The black swan lake in a misty night, waddled, longingly to find a lost love,

Her lady swan, left him in the dark, when a great flood washed them out from the Lake Eerie.

The storm quiet down and the seagulls are coming back the shores.

When the early morning has broken, a white beautiful swan lake waddled gently in the lake as if someone has been missed.

But a strong cool breeze swept the perfume of every petals to set an enchanting  night of romance.

The black swan lake finally met her beautiful swan.






Autumn Mourn

The fourth quarter of the year

When the tropical wind stooped down

To give way to arctic cold wind

The wind is freezing cold while,

The autumn are bursting in colorful tapestry.

From red, orange, yellow, green, brown purple and pink.

But, when the fall season begin, the beauty of the leaves started fading

And begun crushing on the ground, in accordance with the law of

A natural death.

A life cycles of nature has to die and reborn and.

Its glorifying color slowly withered and die.

The October kaleidoscope show of colors symbolize joy and sadness.

October is the season of death and the reason why we celebrate Halloween.

And the Fall harvest has ended and why we celebrate thanksgiving,

For another bountiful harvest.



Spider web

There once was a web hanging on the post of my deck,

i noticed that it was empty.

i got my long stick broom and ripped it

And to my surprised, came a big white like cotton ball

I checked what’s inside, with my bear hands and

Lo and behold, a tiny baby spider in light shell, started crawling on my arms.

I ran to the faucet to wash away those tiny spiders.

In my dream, I thought I was able to get rid of them all but,

To my surprise, they were all inside my pocket, crying for their mother to come back.

in haze, I ran outside towards the deck and look for a spider web

And lo and behold, I saw  the mother spider in the middle of rebuilding her web back

And with a quick moved, I emptied my pocket with all the spider babies inside.

From then on, I don’t disturbed a spider web, trimming around my deck.

The Golden shovel

The Golden shovel by Hayes

Da, promised to leave me everything,

the golden shovel we use to bury the dog.

But my Dad didn’t promise anything to me because, we were poor  then and

The only thing he promised is my education.

Education can’t be taken away from you, Dad said and will give you a ticket to a better life.

Red Dragon girl’s death

she breathed fires, when she’s confronted

And her voracious devil mouth,

Is fuming with venom.

Don’t get close to her or you’ll end up redburnt and blistered skin.

Nothing can stop her, she’s all knowing and always end up the winner.

In every arguments she’s into,

She’s very loquacious and her hyperbolic words hurts.

Instantaneously, Red Dragon girl has passed,

A victim of mental illness.

A social maladies that our society need to address but, to her family, a sacred secret.



A powerful way to make a major change

Enthusiastically if you will, show how to look at things are really insane

But, reinventing will cost you nothing

On how you perceive things.

The crooked road to nowhere

Bustling sound of busy tractor tilling the drought ground,

Where rural farmers are busy harvseting corns and other crops of the season.

Cage less chicken roaming around to find what’s left on the ground.

Children of farmers loved to play on top of the hay like a first class sliding board playground and yet, they all bursting with laughters.

Hogs and goats joined in the fun of  harvested crops in abundance that was accidentally drop on the ground.

Till sundown they work hard on the farm and rest their tired feet on the flowing streams where cows bath too, to cool them down.

Together, they had a quiet dinner with a prayer of thanksgiving for a lovely day, in a small cottage where candles are lighting their way.

Cats and dogs on the porch after a sumptuous meal and farm kids joined, in sleeping side by side  with their pets.

A life in a rural, where crooked road meet nowhere.

A Lover for all Season

Harsh winter season zoomed in and

My dried pale skin thirst for you and

I am here longing for your embrace my Philippines.

My cold trembling hands need your warm touch.

Spring unveil and welcomes you with my cheeks blushing in pink and yet,

No other warm weather can replace you my love.

Your warm sun, brighten my day and bring back the good old days.

Oh, my summer love, I am longing to see you soon,

You rescued my frost bite lips with your sunburst kiss. When you welcome me home,

A splendid cool breeze from coconut trees whispered to me like lovers do

And you caressed my soft skin and tickled me.

Philippines, my lover for all season.

Dr. Seuss Choices

You have brain on your head

You have heart on your breast

You have hands to shake

You have feet for marching

You can turn yourself around and

Your brain will tell you

Your heart will feel

Your hands will lead to

Dr. Seuss Choices and he will show you how

You have brain on your head to use

You have heart in your breast to love

You have hands to shake hands for peace

You have feet for marching towards peace

You can turn yourself around in any direction you please

And everything else will follow through

To make the world a better place to live.



September Song

Summer nights are slowly fading,

when the last day of summer is coming to an end.

Heavy monsoon rain came pouring

And on that stormy night, you passed away.

How can I forget that gloomy September, when you left us in mourning.

You even surprised everyone of your sudden passing.

i didn’t know alcohol was your long time friend and made you happy at least but, left you miserable at the end of the road.

I am feeling the blues in my heart, while I’m singing my September Song. Believing in my heart that, there are valid reason for every appointed time.

A time to die and a time to give birth,

That’s when I gave birth to my first born child and into my life, I’m singing again my beautiful September Song.

Your first cry, woke up the birds in nesting on that bright morning

And the buds of September blooms, bursting in kaleidoscope.

Life must go on white I’m singing my September Song.