A world of beauty and harmony

no borders, no visa and you can enter anywhere in the world where there will be,

no racist

no skin color

and no language barrier.

A healthy planet earth and environmentally friendly, where humans are responsible enough to face challenges of climate change. And there will be,

No sickness

No bacteria that thrives

No communicable disease and

No viruses to kill our human race.

There will be no floods, storms, hurricane, twister, earthquake and tsunamis.

And no more natural and manmade calamities.

There will be a negotiator of peace,

No barracks or great wall and no misunderstanding of rules

where brothers unified with common goal.

Living with one faith and belief.

Human dignity reign and

Emphatically define clearly, a solid common ground of one strong and united nation.

Where there will be,

No uprising

No civil unrest

And no more  missile to launch to create world war.

A country  of mutual understanding, patriotism, very civilized, honest and loyal.

And a true leader with

No hidden agenda

No hidden riches

whwre everyone enjoy equal distribution of wealth.

A country with no debts, no bankruptcy, no unemployment

And no political dynasty and pork barrel from the government funding to go to waste.

Our one and only planet earth will have a long life expectancy by living a stress free life to the rest of the human race.




Earth, Wind and Fire

From dust to dust I shall return to earth, imperfect because,
My earthly soul is masked with pretension and sin
In a quick sweep of the wind,
My spirit becomes mellow and meek, flexible and obedient
And when on fire, my body is in hell with sarcastic people surround me.
It soothes my soul when touch by water. It soften my attitude by the quick brush of spring water of baptism, that helps cool me down.
A Leo born, symbolizes the elements of earth, wind, fire and water in all aspect of life.

The River

I want to pass through the other banks, where it’s winding and narrow.
Where I can freely slide down the mountains and hills,
Cascading through the boulders of rocks and creeping in between the sleepy pebbles.
To my senses, it is numbing and very relaxing, with the cool breeze twirling.
The flowing of my current become slow in tempo and very soothing to hear like,
A lullaby to a tired souls.

i want to cross and meet the other streams and playfully run together in harmony

among the bushes and trees causing wildfire.

in bended knees, praying in solitude asking to rescue them from drought.

Write, write and write

I’m doing a quick dry run for tomorrow’s marathon

how many words to write in 30 minutes to an hour

how long will I make an excuse to take a break and go to the bathroom

how long will my tummy starve for food and drink

how long will my eyelids hold the 24 hours poetry marathon

will it last 12 hours or finish the 24 hours race.

let’s find out tomorrow

Good luck and good night!



A Poet’s Nightmares

Snoring loud mouth of crumbly words,

In a strange and twisted grammar and jagged phrases.

With a slime letters weaved with saluva and drooling in a gelatinous stanza.

Poets tossed and turned a Haiku into Tanka and in deep slumbered,

Drowned in a free flowing sonata, in a crystal clear rivers of no rhythm of rhythms.

And woke up, on the wrong side of the bed and forgot the tetra syllabic murder she draft.


Mewling wicked soul, echoing from black,white and brown race

Puking bad words from their mouth and

Stinging on kindred spirit.

Denouncing illegal, immoral acts and publicly criticizing skin colors are blameworthy.

Proclaiming religious beliefs are a curse,that causes human hostile.

Homosexuality, transgenders or bisexual are not sinners and why does matter,

The world change their perceptions, continuously

Erupting and spitting burning words that scarring the earth,

On races, religion and other human conflicts.

The human abrasive tongue are unstoppable, blistering the heart of mankind,

Hurting and dying.

Poor soul are expressing sorrows and aiming to make peace,


Wailing for peace, to put an end on this senseless revolution, aching for,


A Poet’s Nightmares

Snoring loud mouth of crumbly words,

In a strange and twisted grammar and jagged phrases of

Slime letters, weaved with saliva and drooling in a gelatinous stanza.

Poets tossed and turned a Haiku into Tanka, in deep slumbered,

Drowned in a free flowing Sonata.

In a crystal clear river of no rhythms and rhymes

And woke up at the wrong side of the bed and

Forgot the tetrasyllabic murder she wrote.

Extroverted and Introverted me

A people person, funny and outgoing, that’s me.

Full of life and ambitious,

I enjoyed life to the fullest and love to party.

Yes, a social butterfly but, I begun to suffer social anxiety and all.

It bacame worst, I wasn’t my best self,

Neither could I understand my true self

Hey, what’s going on with myself.

I became less and less visible and my bedroom was my only comfort zone.

But, I knew, I wasn’t depressed and so I shrugged my shoulder and ignored.

Yes, I am suffering from Chronic pain which sometimes holding me back and need to slow down.

When I am recharge, I noticed, I have the energy to please everyone.. Yeah.

Being introvert, is not my personality, born Leo the Lion and I’m full of life and queen of the party.

I am a people person and I hate being alone, consumed by my own thoughts will make me crazy.

I don’t want to live like Hermits, Monks or in a cloistered nun in a monastery.

I felt awkward for acting indifferent and that’s not me.

I want to be around with people and be happy, I made a lot of soul searching and meditating and

I made a covenant to myself and learned that, it’s imperative to make one thing and one day at a time and

Not to overwhelm with too many appointment.

I know myself better now, by doing exactly one thing and one day at a time.

Limerick of Jack and Jill

A clear, flowing river in the middle of the desert, where the water was dry,

John and Jill fetched water to spill, to see Jack and Jane rolling the sandy hills.

Let’s continue while taking a nap,

I’ll tell you a fable and it’s all about facts of nursery rhymes.

Look John look, said Jill to Jack, let’s listen to the pictures in the book.

See John, listen to what I see,

The story of the quadruplets Jack and Jill , have a different father and adopted John and Jane.

They all died young and live happily ever after for about a hundred years.

My stormy disposition

I am under the weather, a vicissitude of life.

My mood, is in disagreeable with climate change.

My warm and sunny personality has something to do with climatic condition

And the planet atmospheric position.

I have to weather my mood, when I have occasional showers of anxiety attack

I flared up, with scattered thunders.

Sometimes, in low and high pressures,

I rumbled, in a heavy rolling sounds of menopausal syndrome.

My turbulent personality, has something to do with the sudden rise in temperature.

Depending on the latitudinal  and longitudinal dimension of my problem.