Hour 4 Stars



I am entranced by the stars

Small beings of light

Filling the sky with promise

We know we are not alone

So infinitesimally small

In a Universe so huge, so epic

We bow to our inconsequence

Stars above

Small beings of light

Pointing our direction

Filling our wonder

Guiding our journeys

We are bigger than we imagine

Smaller than we believe

With vast possibilities

As far as we dare to see.

Cat-Hour 3

Cat has joined me

His soft purr and presence

Makes this less lonely

He empties the isolation brilliantly

My mind is filled with doubt

Anger, anguish, worry

But he purrs it away

Like a wizard

Or a saint

We relish each other’s company

He my constant companion

Close to my side when I am home

I am reassured there is good in life

good in this world

because of a simple being

Bathed in love

Wanting nothing more

than food, adoration and attention

When he’s in the mood.

On his time

When it suits him




Magic- Hour 2

I used to dance in magic

I swung my arms and the world sparkled in it

I could see it in lifelike trees

Fairies in forests

Magic communicating in a cat’s meow

A bird’s song at daybreak

Magic was all around me

It swirled me in it’s possibility


Now it is reckless


Waste of time, effort

Life has become the day to day

Getting by

No time for fairies and fantasy

No time for unicorns and dragons


Magic is still there, sometimes I glimpse it

Hiding behind a tree

Watching me from a rainbow

Sleeping in mountain sunlight

late in the afternoon

Waving at me from the stars on a summer’s eve

Begging me to dance in it

Fill my soul, bask in it

But I am too sensible now

Too based in reality

Too grounded in pain

To see the wonder I loved




I Am-Hour 1

I am a lost poet

Singing poems in darkness

Trepidation coursing through my tired body

Doubt hanging around like my own personal ghost

I am an unsung hero

In my own nightmares

I am the villain in my own life’s play

I am struggling, suffocating, stimulated and swallowed

Imbittered, insane,

I am the song

Crumbled up on a piece of paper

Forgotten in the corner collecting cobwebs

I am a poet

Singing poems in the darkness

Seeking the light

Seeking the truth

Seeking my soul

With words my only weapon

And darkness my only friend




Here we go again

Hi all! Looking forward to spending the weekend in creating mode. Good to see so many familiar faces and seeing so many excited newcomers! Happy writing everyone!

Hour 24-Black

The view from my window

Through the reddest eyes I have known in a year

I see black,

dead of night,

2 AM.

Even the moon has grown tired.

There is no beauty

No great understanding

Not even a palm tree visible

Just black

And so we turn lights out

Another marathon done.

We steal away from our screens

Put away our dishes and spoils of war

We embrace the black

The dead of night

The end of light


Hour 23-Missing

About 4 hours ago

I started missing you

You seemed to desert me

My brain started working in mysterious ways

Not making proper connections

Not making perfect sense

I just knew you were gone

You snuck out the door

Didn’t make a sound

Left, deserted me

I know I didn’t entice you to stay

I didn’t give you reasoning

I didn’t feed you those psychological

questions you love so much

I let you leave

I didn’t try to stop you

But you and me,

We are a team,

Often estranged

I know, I admit

It’s me, not you

But we need each other

My dear, wonderful sanity

Sweet overworked friend

I hope you return in the morning

We can make a fresh start of things

We can find a way through this together.

this is only one night, a temporary setback

Don’t leave angry

Get a good night’s sleep

In the morning you will see

Everything will be fine.


Poem 22-

The clock moves slowly now

Almost standing still

The comments, the posts, the poems

Make little to no sense

My hand cramps from video games and typing

Cat left confused, not understanding his people at all

The snacks have been desecrated

The coffee has been weaned down in preparation for sleep

Yawns take the place of interest

Hour 22,

Inhibitions are gone

Taking common sense with it

They just packed their bags and left the building

All that remains are red eyes

Held open by will alone

Another poem published

Another struggle for words

A fist fight with perseverance

No giving up this close to the end








Poem 21-Don’t Go There

Word One

Don’t go down there

That place, it’s evil

Dark, dastardly, deceptive

You will regret it

There is a reason the past is buried there

All that nasty emotion

Those long forgotten memories

They will grab you and pull you back in

Next thing you know

You’ll be smothering tears in your pillow

And plotting revenge like a pro.

Don’t do it

Stay away

Keep that shit bottled up

Keep it under those layers of self pep talks

Keep it hidden beneath the late night ice cream and the

Stress donuts at dawn

It is dark there, dank, dangerous

Grab that shovel

Put more dirt on that casket

Burn a couple pictures

If you keep going there

That dead memory zombie will eat you

Throw your carcass to the next girlfriend to eat

and she doesn’t need the calories either

Hour 20-Bansai

I feel like a kamikaze poet now

Just all in to the mission

Buckle up

Scream Bansai

And crash into that next poem

Why care if I survive?

Who cares if the poem will be memorable?

Just take out that wall

Take down that number

Watch that poem become the next

My pillow awaits

The alarm won’t be set

I am past the point of caffeination

I am running on dwindling fumes

No moreĀ  brilliant ideas now

Just slide to earth with one crippled engine

And smoke coming out of the belly

I am a kamikaze poet