The Things in Our Closets- Poem 12 Half Marathon

Young imaginations

conjure creatures

into closets.


Fire breathing dragons, warlocks, witches, magicians, unicorns and

even the boogy man have done hard time

in small closets across the world!


Yet, as we age and our closets become smaller

as we become larger, our nightmares leave

our small closets

and our imagination.


The closets close and

imagination shuts down

no longer conjuring the strange and sometimes wonderous creatures.

The secret is-

to keep conjuring and believing without fear!

Allow the things to live in the closet-if they so wish!

But remembering who holds the key to the closet-YOU!

What Is Love- Poem 10 Prompt 10 by Ingrid

What is LOVE?

How does it

take shape-


It is interesting that LOVE and GROW have the same number of letters. Can we only love someone who allows us to grow and, can we only be loved by someone who we allow to grow?

Is love and growth interchangeable?

Butterflies- Poem#9 by Ingrid Prompt #9

Beautiful winged creatures

Under clouds they fly.

Teachers of Beauty…

Teachers of Change that…

Each and every moment can be re-arranged!

Reminding us the importance of endurance-

For the moment and long-term.

Lifting our hearts as they take flight-

Inspiring us to love one another with all our might!

Essential lessons that speak to the heart,

Soulful winged messengers for those that depart.

The Sunflower Field- Poem #7 Prompt #7 by Ingrid

Each year I have yearned

to see all the sunflowers

as they turned.

But try as I might,

the sunflowers grew

out of sight!


Bowing, bending and blending

Growing beyond my tending!

Until that momentous day when

the wooden swing was made!


Over field and

over flower-

I flew overhead

with great power!

Extending my legs and

pushing back my knees,

Oh, the laws of gravity

did I cheat!!!


High in the air-

With a Bird’s Eye View

I saw smiling sunflower heads


the neighbour’s dog Blue!

The World Is Flat But Life A Wave Poem #6 by Ingrid Prompt #6

From the naked eye,

I see the World as flat.

Even when I hike to

the edge of a cliff, there is another

platform of rock below-

a safety net-

a line I do not cross!


But, from this flat line where I stand to

the horizon line, Life is neither flat nor dull!

Life is alive with:

vivid colours, textures, hues and sounds.


Life explodes in richness and shape!

Life takes on various shapes and forms.

Sounds of life: tones, harmonies and frequencies

bend in appreciation.

Moving, flowing-growing with Life!

Travelling the world in waves Life is

in constant motion.

Giving even further Life

through breath and growth.


The World Might be flat

But, Life is not!

The Yellow Canoe- Mystery Poem #5 by Ingrid Prompt #5

I saw it first.

The bow of the canoe jutted out of the heavy fog creeping toward me in a predatorial fashion.  Vaccumed silence surrounded me broken slightly by the distant cry of the mournful loon. My hands began to tremble becoming even more clammy as my breath caught and constricted in my chest. Time stopped. And, in my mind I imagined hearing haunting organ music that seemed to blend and belong to this eerie part of the lake. Early morning mist still marched  across the lake like battle weary warriors as the canoe drew closer. Once it slid alongside my weather worn dock, I timidly leaned forward  to get a better look at the inside of the canoe. My body began to shake as I recognized the faint sight of blood and multiple finger prints.I leaned in closer and suddenly felt my whole body being lifted and thrown over the canoe. Multiple witnesses would later be recorded as saying that they saw a shadowy hand rise out  of the water and pull me down into its depths. And, on the tails of the wind, they heard this wailing chant:

Return to the lake my dearest one

Remember the lake sirens as we have sung.

Return to our lake and let it be done.

Our Flowing Breath- Poem #3 Prompt #3 from Ingrid Exner

Our breath flows like a wave-

a tsunami in some-

who breath just a bit too deeply!

Inhaling air through every orifice-even the hair!


I practise breathwork on a rock in Georgian Bay.

I breathe in deeply-very deeply!

And, I do an extended release-releasing all the air, breath and everything I no longer need.


Breathing can be good…deep breathing can be good but it can also be bad.

“Inhale, exhale and release.” It seems simple enough.

It’s another deep exhale of surrender.

Then, there are the shallow breathers-surface breathers.

Sometimes, I hold my breathe…when I am afraid or even sad.

I then remind myself, “Ing, it is time to let it all go-including the breath!”

Better breathwork will make me stronger-in many ways!

Beautiful, big breath-

It’s in us to give!

Alles gut!

All things breathe and flow and like rivers even giggle and gurgle with glee!

Time to return to the sparkling water of Georgian Bay and my meditation rock.


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