The Unearthing Poem 5 and Prompt 5 by Ingrid Exner

It came with

no set of instructions

no diction nor dialogue

A collection of old cameras, watches, photographs,

tea cups and toys

marking my family’s

movement on earth.

Yellowed newspaper dated 1920

cradled a flowery porcelain tea cup

that once held my  great grandmother’s lips.

A black and white photo showed my nana

proudly dressed in her tennis whites

gazing longingly…

More pocket watches were unearthed

trapped in timelessness decades ago!

Rattling at the bottom of our Family Time Capsule


three small tin matchbox cars .

My father’s eyes flicked with amazement

and childhood amusement.

Now, it is my turn

to stop time-leave my mark

be immortalized

leave my buried treasure.

Poem 4-Hour Four- Voices of the Climbing Fir Trees by Ingrid Exner

Voices of the Might Fir Trees

ring from a high-

“Climb! Despite all, you must climb!”

“As the rock moves-so do we. Climb!”

“We climb because we must!”

Our life is balance and a climb to the top and, climb

we must.

Anchors of soil hold us between

Earth and Sky as we

Rise to greater heights-

Thriving in the distance!

Dressed in haloed and hallowed crowns

of fog

wrapped in mystery

We stand like great beings

Towering in triumph.

Poem #4 Poetry Half Marahon by Ingrid Exner

Hour Three Prompt Three- Sacred Repetition as Life Repeats By Ingrid Exnerr

Birth, Death and Re-birth

Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall

Each- A Life Cycle

A Movement, a Call!

Birth, Death and Re-birth

The changing of the Seasons

throughout this Life,

we learn the many reasons.

Birth, Death and Re-birth

a return to Life once more-

a repeated pattern of Birth, Death and Re-birth

now and forever more.

Hour 3 Poem3 Half-Marathon 2021 by Ingrid Exner

Poem 2 Hour 2 – Take Joy In the Unseen by Ingrid Exner

Take delight in

this Day! There is

majesty in this moment and Joy!

Celebrate Joy

in the seen and the Knowing of

the Joy of Unseen things.

My anticipation of Day

breaks like Sunrise.

Spreading Light,

colours fill

my senses and awaken

my Soul.

In stillness, I

wander winding paths

sensing the unseen my senses

are awakened

by heavenly scents of pine and honeysuckle bloom

Birdsong gently breaks through

my reverie-

Soothed by the lyrical sounds

my vision rests on branches

sheltering nests of the Unseen

gentle reminders of the Beauty and Joy

of the Unseen.

Poem 2, Hour 2 by Ingrid Exner 2021 Poetry Half Marathon


Poem 1 Hour 1 Image Prompt 1 In My Dreams By Ingrid Exner

In my Dreams I Soar-

Phoenix-like I rise above,

buildings reaching toward,

Sky dotted with clouds.

Delicate wings flap-


through space.


Dreamy clouds dance

with me as I,

Breathe freely—

for the first time!

Clouds gently pass,

Space clears—

Openness appears!


I am Born Again

in this space

of Being!

Once cushioned by Clouds,

My Vision now cleared-

I stop—pause—inhale and,

Breathe that Breath,

long overdue!


Filled with Breath and Knowing,

I fly back down into

that clouded space

Holding onto —


Ingrid Exner, 2021 Half Marathon


Last Minute Encouragement and Advice From Ingrid

Hi All!!! I am really happy to be back and I look forward to starting this poetic journey again with you at 9 am my time, tomorrow Saturday. Each year, it never fails that I forget how to respond to someone and then I forget to look where they might be responding to me… In case anyone else is having this problem, here is what I familiarized myself with today. Each post that appears on the Poetry Marathon site will have a comment section underneath said post/poem. After you comment and hit the button, it will appear in the comment section. You create your original post from the toolbar and from your own Dashboard but you can comment directly following each person’s post that will appear on this Poetry Marathon site. Prompts will also appear here. So, for the half and full marathon, you probably want to have a few tabs open and maybe even a few windows as I also like to have the Poetry Marathon fb group also open at the time and throughout the marathon. Likewise, I even like to have my acceptance email open in case I accidentally close and sign out of my Dashbooard. I hope this helps!

Thanks to Caitlin and Jacob for bringing us all together again, taking part and hosting the Poetry Marathon. And, thank you to all the other volunteers who keep this going. This is an amazing community of poets.  Good luck and have fun everyone!

Introduction from Ingrid

Hi Again! My name is Ingrid Exner.  This will be my 4th or 5th poetry half marathon and I am as excited as I was the first time. Today, I am preparing by stocking up on some goodies and reviewing how to Create A Post and Comment! My best advice for those first timers is to do some preparations before the day (such as reviewing the functions of the site/ WordPress), purchase a few convenient groceries and do the housework or chores before the event! See you all tomorrow! Good luck and have fun everyone!

Hello, Thank you and Introduction

Hi Everyone! My name is Ingrid. This might be my fourth or fifth half marathon…I can’t remember for sure. All I can remember is that I love this opportunity to come together and write for either 12 hours or 24. I have never done the full poetry marathon myself and, I admire those who take on this task! I have not decided on a full plan for the half and I will leave stocking up on the snacks until closer to the date. I am excited to be participating this year as I have had a few eye surgeries and just feel likeI haven’t been able to put too much on paper (or screen) this year! I will be on the screen and also taking my time to give my eyes breaks away from the screen. I have read Caitlin’s plan and always look forward to learning more styles of poetry…I may just borrow a few form examples from her. For those new this year…welcome! Pace yourself, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity! xo i.e.

Prompt #12 and Poem #12 Love, Roots and Growth by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon

Love is a lesson in caring, compassion selflessness and also self-care.

Optimism is a buoyant force that we must all share.

Valuing one emotion over another is not healthy for you

Every emotion has value, it’s true!


Recognizing all feelings is

Optimal self care

Owning all sensations

Truth and Despair

Seeing Light even in Darkness.


Growing and learning day by day

Realizing that relationships take work not just play!

Our relationships give life meaning and hope

Without them we be would not be able to cope

Tough times draw us together in love

Heavenly relationships sent from above


Over time, we would love each other, and I would learn to love her like a mother loves a daughter imperfectly and without roots.


Acrostic poem by Ingrid Exner, Half Marathon, 2020 and above line from book reading.