The Things in Our Closets- Poem 12 Half Marathon

Young imaginations

conjure creatures

into closets.


Fire breathing dragons, warlocks, witches, magicians, unicorns and

even the boogy man have done hard time

in small closets across the world!


Yet, as we age and our closets become smaller

as we become larger, our nightmares leave

our small closets

and our imagination.


The closets close and

imagination shuts down

no longer conjuring the strange and sometimes wonderous creatures.

The secret is-

to keep conjuring and believing without fear!

Allow the things to live in the closet-if they so wish!

But remembering who holds the key to the closet-YOU!

16 thoughts on “The Things in Our Closets- Poem 12 Half Marathon

    1. So true. Imagination is not valued as we grow up. We are often told to “grow up”. It is not always easy to regain our imagination and bring back the creatures of our closets. Luckily, there are a few of us who have succeeded, or started writing as a way to keep the monsters alive.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I will absolutely look at your page. Reading may of the poems ( I try to read a little over 100 and comment) of fellow half and full marathoners is one of my fav parts of the Poetry Marathon!

  1. Oh my, I totally ๐Ÿ’ฏ loved this the progression/ change of the mindโ€™s imagination from a child to adulthood โ€”- what is created, kept and released from our closets. Beautifully done!!!

  2. Thanks for enjoying the poem Tanya! ” These longer “poems” were more my philosophical wanderings and I am glad that people seem to enjoy they. These longer ones are also a separation from my usual structure and rhyming poems. Thanks for enjoying it.

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