Introduction from Ingrid

Hi Again! My name is Ingrid Exner.  This will be my 4th or 5th poetry half marathon and I am as excited as I was the first time. Today, I am preparing by stocking up on some goodies and reviewing how to Create A Post and Comment! My best advice for those first timers is to do some preparations before the day (such as reviewing the functions of the site/ WordPress), purchase a few convenient groceries and do the housework or chores before the event! See you all tomorrow! Good luck and have fun everyone!

Hello, Thank you and Introduction

Hi Everyone! My name is Ingrid. This might be my fourth or fifth half marathon…I can’t remember for sure. All I can remember is that I love this opportunity to come together and write for either 12 hours or 24. I have never done the full poetry marathon myself and, I admire those who take on this task! I have not decided on a full plan for the half and I will leave stocking up on the snacks until closer to the date. I am excited to be participating this year as I have had a few eye surgeries and just feel likeI haven’t been able to put too much on paper (or screen) this year! I will be on the screen and also taking my time to give my eyes breaks away from the screen. I have read Caitlin’s plan and always look forward to learning more styles of poetry…I may just borrow a few form examples from her. For those new this year…welcome! Pace yourself, have fun and enjoy this amazing opportunity! xo i.e.

Prompt #12 and Poem #12 Love, Roots and Growth by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon

Love is a lesson in caring, compassion selflessness and also self-care.

Optimism is a buoyant force that we must all share.

Valuing one emotion over another is not healthy for you

Every emotion has value, it’s true!


Recognizing all feelings is

Optimal self care

Owning all sensations

Truth and Despair

Seeing Light even in Darkness.


Growing and learning day by day

Realizing that relationships take work not just play!

Our relationships give life meaning and hope

Without them we be would not be able to cope

Tough times draw us together in love

Heavenly relationships sent from above


Over time, we would love each other, and I would learn to love her like a mother loves a daughter imperfectly and without roots.


Acrostic poem by Ingrid Exner, Half Marathon, 2020 and above line from book reading.

Prompt 11 and Poem #11 “My Brand New World” by Ingrid Exner, Half-Marathon, 2020

Once Upon a Time…

As all the stories go,

You are taken

into make believe

before you even know!


My imaginary homeland

and land of

all my dreams

would still have all

Four seasons

tho unlikely as

that seems!


The changing of the Seasons and,

Dawning of the Day

have far more beauty than

even I can say!

Seeing changing colours is-

pleasure for my eyes!

Summer morphing into Autumn

Adopting new disguise!


Perhaps, I’d add more Kindness

and Compassion in this

World! Take away the evil and help

the misunderstood!

I’d cure all Childhood illness and,

Let all children play!

Allowing them to become

adults who are grateful

each and every day!

In a world of lesser pain,

We would all have chance to gain!


By Ingrid Exner, 2020

Prompt 10 and Poem 10 “Optimism, Resilience and Dancing with Moonshadows” by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon 2020

When I was young,

I sang of dancing with

moon shadows and,

I did.


Through operations,

I danced and sang to the Lyrics

of Optimism, Resiliency and,

Bouncing Back.


As I grew older, I began to forget

the Meaning behind the Lyrics-

the Message behind the Song.


When greater shadows returned.

The song was sung to me-

And, I remembered who I was and,

Who I AM-


Poem 10 by Ingrid Exner. Half Marathon, 2020

Poem #9 By Ingrid Exner using Prompt #9 “Canoeing, Camping and Fireflies”

Canoeing is magical in the

twilight of night and,

if you stay even  later, a firefly may

come into sight!


Fireflies hug tree lines and,

weave in and out

as they dance!

So catching sight of a firefly

is a combination of

luck and great chance.


If you stay in your cottage and don’t venture outdoors,

you may never see a firefly

and experience the beauty and its strange lore.

Fireflies are drawn to the heat of the night

and, when it gets cold,

they disappear from sight.


So, get out of the cottage and into the night,

To see the fireflies dance!

Oh, what a beautiful sight!

Poem #9 by Ingrid Exner, Half Marathon 2020

Prompt #8 and Translation 8 by Ingrid Exner-Tiger…Tiger Emojii…

The prompt is an emoji version of Tyger Tyger by William Blake. But, I think it is missing emoji stanzas.

Here’s the shortened version translated.


My Translated  Version

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

In the forest that burns bright.

What immortal ghost do you see?

Put your hands up in horror, scream

and run far from thee.


Translation by Ingrid Exner, 2020

Prompt 7 Poem #7 by Ingrid Exner 2020 “Season of the Birds”

“Something is a-foul

at the downtown waterfront!

I tell you, no word of a lie!

The geese are lined up in families!”

she says. with a sorrowful sigh!


“Geese are lying from shore to shore


Swans from pier to pier!

I wonder if I will ever see

the beach again this year?”

With a warning “Honk!” and

an offensive “Hiss” from its beak,

Let me tell you, foul communication is NOT

for the very meek!”


I love the regal beauty of bird

and their calls from distances away-

But, can I now ask you…What is  making them stay?

A little less bird and a bit more beach

would satisfy me lots,

As opposed to this, The Season of Birds tying my stomach in knots!


Poem By Ingrid Exner, Poetry Half Marathon 2020


Poem #6 from Prompt #6 ” Sunrise” by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon 2020

I rise in


Humidity and heat

hang heavy in thick air.

Clothes stick and

I rush out and gulp

fresh morning air.

Light summer breezes

carry me to



Pre-dawn Darkness-






Tern calls overhead-

screaming Morning.

White Light marks horizon

separating dark water

from Sky.

Inhale freshness-

Smell of Dew!

Horizon line shakes as

Water- Sky lighten.

Fiery reds and yellows

blaze onto horizon-moving up Sky

as Morning moves in and speaks through the Sun.

Shimmering glory sparkles on water.

Sky radiates Gold!

Ingrid Exner, Poem #6, Poetry Half Marathon 2020



Prompt #5 And Poem #5 ” Golden Hour” by Ingrid Exner

Looking out across the

forest of green

I feel bathed in



A peaceful mist

moves gently

through this valley

shedding Etheral



Tree tops glow

in this majesty

of Morning.


I stand amazed

and  baptized

in this Golden Hour.


Poem 5 by Ingrid Exner, Poetry Half Marathon 2020

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