Poem #2 Prompt #2 Jumping For Joy-Recipe by Ingrid Exner

Recipe for Jumping For Joy

  1. Humour
  2. Smile
  3. Child-like Glee
  4. Humility
  5.  Sun

Measure out 3 cups of humour and pour  into a large mixing  bowl ( container of you.)  Add a handful of smiles. Fold in 1 cup child-like glee and mix well to form a paste. Sprinkle in 2 tablespoons  of humility. Lastly, add Sun to taste. Bake until golden and delicious!


Ingrid Exner, Poetry Half Marathon 2020

Poem 1 From Prompt #1 My Mother…My Influence and Sometimes Muse by Ingrid Exner


My Mother is

bent with age.


Calloused hands that

once held mine-

through Education, Illness and Time!


Memories swim through her


Talking, sharing and laughing,

we have swam miles-



Yet today, we


through memories

Fearing Forgetfulness

of anything new.

My warrior sister, my mother-

My muse!



My  Mother is

Bent with


but fearlessly

facing tomorrow

in Strength!


By Ingrid Exner, 2020 Half Marathon

Intro 2 from Ingrid

Hi everyone!


I am registered for the half marathon which starts in a little less than  30 minutes for me. My background is in technical writing, professional writing and volunteer coordination. This will be my third half and I am very excited to begin!!!! Pace yourselves, re-fuel when you need to, relax and let the creative muse take hold! Enjoy the poetry marathon and don’t forget to comment. We all have wonderful things to say and add!

Introduction from Ingrid

Hi Everyone!!!!

I am so-o- happy to be back! I have done the Poetry Marathon (Half actually…) twice and, this will be my third time! For a number of reasons, I just haven’t been writing that much lately. I hope that The Poetry Marathon can help to jump start the creative juices and get me back on track. I just have a few questions…Where are the prompts again…fb page or webpage? And, we start at 9 am, correct. Do we post poems at exactly 1 hr intervals?


Thanks for the guidance!



Poem #12- Final Poem Half Marathon 2016 by Ingrid Exner-“ My Canoe Companion and I”

The first time that I saw moonlight

by canoe

I was awe-


Spread out before me

on a black watery cloth,

lay jewels of sparkling Light.!


I was amazed

by the bright light

cast by the climbing moon

and mesmerized by the watery Lake,

turned molten black.

Absolute silence

created a void


Of Beauty

And Peace!


My Canoe Companion

carried a spare flashlight in hand,

While I wore my headlamp attached to

The brim of my cap.

We paddled in silence-

Enjoying our companionship and

the silence of the lake-

silence only broken by

the occasional cry of a nearby loon-

a true symbol of summertime on a northern lake!


We continued to paddle in silence-

highlighted by the glow of the moon

Surrounded and swaddled

by the nearby canopy

Of birch and cedar tress,

My canoe companion and I.


Ingrid Exner, 2016


Poem #11 From Prompt by Ingrid Exner-“Home-Less”

I wait until the shadows come,

And darkness fills this space.

I venture out into the streets,

To avoid a familiar face.


I had a life, I had a job

and even money too!

But life can throw up hurdles

An even for you too!


Do not judge me by my look-

My tangled greasy hair!

I once wore a crown with jewels

Holding back my golden hair.


My skin was once like butter

Creamy and soft to the touch

My fingers were decorated and painted

But now they do not look like much.


I once spoke to many and

Now heard by very few-

My only audience being those

I wish I never knew.


I had a life, I had a job

I had more than even you.

Please do not judge me based

On facts you never knew.


Ingrid Exner, 2016

Blessings of The Morning-Poem #10 from Prompt by Ingrid Exner

Sky breaks through the morning clouds

bestowing healing Light,

Bathing Lands in beams of heat

And energy just right,

To strengthen crops, all animals

And even you and me-

this Blessing of the morning

was meant for all to see.


At this time,

in early morn

I bend my head and pray

Thankful for the many gifts I have

From day-to-day!

From eyes that see the beautiful hills

To ears that hear the stream

I am blessed with these wonderful senses

That allow me to live my dream.


Capturing the natural Beauty

With camera in hand,

I venture far and wide

For pictures of this Land.


To celebrate its glory and,

Sing its praises too,

Today, I am writing this

especially for YOU!



Ingrid Exner, 2016





Poem 9 From Wooden Boardwalk Prompt-“ The Walk” By Ingrid Exner


Wood creaks and echoes

worn with

age and use.


My breathe catches

in this biting autumn air

I bury myself deeper

into warm comfort of

my parka.


Solitude and cold

Empty feelings

Reflections of the mountains

Cover the streams.

Hollow images of

Nature as it has been.


Smooth wooden railing

guides my hands forward,

beckoning me to move forward.


Mountains spring up in the distance

wearing caps of fresh virgin snow.

Reflections of the mountains

Cover the streams.

Empty images of

Nature as it has been.



The wind rattles

Loose floor boards of

The walkway as more wind moans

Its complaints

From all directions

Surrounding me

And, reminding Me that

I am Alone.

A Poetry Writing Pantoum by Ingrid-Prompt 8-Half Marathon

Shoulders slumping and fingers thumping,

The keyboard is worn down from the incessant tapping.

Tap, Tap Tap

One more poem done in time!


The keyboard is worn down from the incessant tapping.

The effort to stay awake and alert is growing.

I am slowing down but I cannot…one more poem done!

Breathe deeply, eyes forward and continue!


The effort to stay awake and alert is growing.

I can feel my fingers beginning to curl-not wanting to do more!

I shake my hands to stay awake and release any tension. Breathe deeply, eyes forward and continue!

This is going to be a long four hours!


I can feel my fingers beginning to curl from overuse.

The words are beginning to blur together.

I can feel my fingers continuing to curl-not wanting to do more!

Must keep going!


Ingrid Exner, 2016.

Angst Poem-Poetry Prompt #7- Poetry Half Marathon 2016 Poem by Ingrid Exner- Bold is Brave and Should Never be criticized



Can one

ever be

so bold

when one

is not

too old?


When I was a child,

the adults often asked,

“Why are you so bold?”

You are too young to be so bold!” I was often told.


To which I replied

that being bold

had absolutely nothing

to do with being old.


Instead, I believe that

being bold is like

being brave. One can be as bold and,

as brave as a lion

at any age.