The Stone Wall- Poem #6 For Prompt HAlf Marathon by Ingrid Exner

Beyond the courtyard and

beyond the gardens

Lay the wall of stone

that is hardened.

Fashioned of stone, blood,

sweat and tears,

It is a monument of

many past years.


Just beyond this ancient gate

the real world is in await.

Time moves forward and people

Run in haste with very little

time to waste.


But back behind

that gate of stone,

the spirits of ancient times

still roam.

Captured behind

a wall of stone

They exist in memories

all alone.

Copyright, 2015 by Ingrid Exner

His Point of View- Poem #5 Half Marathon Poem

I smile often

Despite the pain

Denying the existence

of this physical strain.


I see the world

As I want it

To be

A world in which

We should always



Beauty, laughter and Light

In all places.

As joy moves through all

empty spaces.

Bringing happiness to those

in need

And improving all life,

Yes, indeed.

Copyright 2015, Ingrid Exner

Nature Calls Me…A Pastoral/ Nature Poem- #4

The beating of the falling rain

The rythm of the shore,

The gentle whispers of the winds

Calling me once more.


I hear the voice grow stronger

The longer that I stay

Beckoning me now,

to follow him this way.


HIS inspiration

is everywhere-

Flowering plant and tree.

Miracles take stem around me

As far as I can see.


“Life gives life and so it be”

Is HIS promise now to Me!

“Protect these things and let them grow!”

“And, one day you will come to know.”

“Life gives life and so it be”

Was HIS answer unto me.

Copyright 2015 by Ingrid Exner

We All Fish….Poetry Prompt #3- Half Marathon 2015



I am a fish out of water

I have said once or twice.

A Canadian who doesn’t like to fish

as I don’t believe that nice.


But I know I have “fished”

In many a form

It’s just my definition

That does not

fit the “norm.”


Instead I fish

For facts,

And reel in a line or two

My bait are these words

That may contain a hook

Just for you.

Copyright 2015, Ingrid Exner

Being Honest- Prompt 2 Poem- Half Marathon 2015 by Ingrid

Our daily morning ritual

has turned into routine.


We have become known as-

the most Boring Couple

ever to be seen.


Good morning greetings

Fall quickly from his lips

Beginnings of misunderstandings”

And our ongoing

Verbal slips.


“Be honest!,” I exclaim,

in declaration of his lies.

Let’s finally break free

of these binding ties.


Long gone are the memories of

Soft moonlit nights,

Replaced now by our

ongoing fights.


Romanced ebbed like the

setting of the sun- a premonition of

the end of the fun.



My Life Submerged-Poetry Half Marathon 2015- Prompt 1 Poem by Ingrid

Take the plunge

My heart beat quickens

Laboured breathing

The anxiety thickens.

An unknown world swirls beneath-

grey mist gathers above,

this watery sheath.


I gather my strength and with-

hearty gasp,

I plunge forward

without a single lapse.

Falling quickly backwards and then diving

straight a head

Toward this watery wonderland-

I am led.


Submerged in wonder by thoughts

filled in awe

of oceanic wonders

first ever saw.

I swim down deeper

and my world opens


Oceanic beauty viewed by

only a few.


Coral reefs rise-

straight out of sand!

Magestic wonders

of this mesmerizing land.

Fleeting colours swim

by in streams

flourescent dashes,

schools and teams.

Fish of every

shape and size

appear before-

my bedazzled eyes.


I catch my breathe

in the beauty here

as my awe erases

my once present fear.


2015 Introduction

My name is Ingrid Exner and this is the second year that I will be participating in the half marathon poetry challenge!!! My background is in technical/professional writing and social services. Whether I am working in non-profits or for-profits, it always seems like I am writing- which I love!!! I am currently working on a few writing projects…reducing the size of my e-book, memoir and biography of my mother as well as a little book of advice and tips for a young survivor. I love to write and I love having the opportunity to meet and work alongside others. I have written poetry as a hobby for many years and incorporate it into morning meditations. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

Love Blooms-Poem 12-

Love Blooms- Poem 12- Poetry Half Marathon-


Fragile and delicate

LOVE blooms,

with care.


This cloistered bud begins

to open slowly,

showered by your Light.


Like a flower whose petals

open to the Sun,

LOVE explodes

in colour,

because of YOU.

By Ingrid Exner


Take the Stairs- Poem 11- Half Marathon

Take the Stairs- Poem 11th- Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid


Mount the stairs one by one or

Tackle many, if it can

Be done.


Change perspective

Change the view

Change your beliefs and

What defines you.


One step forward,

One step back and

Still moving forward.

That’s a fact!

Welcome Home- Poem #10- Half Marathon by Ingrid

Welcome Home by Ingrid Exner- Poem #10


It is YOU and YOU alone

YOU should call HOME.


Not Four walls, four cities, four countries

Nor continents define,

What you inhabit.




Be careful of the thoughts and cares

That you welcome in…remember…




Do not let vandals rob happiness and leave hate,




Decorate your life with joy, tenderness and let love hang on your walls,




Share laughter, tears and remembrances,




Welcome and embrace new visitors, friends and family,




Make peace with who YOU are,




By Ingrid Exner