A Georgian Bay Haibun by Ingrid Exner- Poem 6

The water gently and rhythmically lapped against the sides of the canoe as the bow cut through the blue water. The canoe rocked gently almost lulling us to sleep. Everywhere you looked, it was a panorama of natural beauty. Blue Spruce and white pine rose high on rocky cliffs of Canadian Shield and juniper bushes decorated the shoreline rock. I leaned back into my seat and tried to extend my legs in front of me. This canoe/kayak combination of a wooden canoe slid through the water like a dream but the choppy water was making it more difficult to paddle and paddle straight. Since the boat was closer to the water level, it also meant that any slight wave flipped over the bow and splashed the person sitting in the front and, that person just happened to be me. When we did happen to come across a wave or when a boat came close to us, Cam and I tried our best to slow down, stop paddling and ride the wave. This wave surfing was fun and reminded me of riding the roller coasters at local fairs when I was very, very young. We rode a lot of waves on Georgian Bay during our recent visit. And, I have to say that my favourite “wave surfing” came on our return trip from Huckleberry Island. The winds had risen while we were on the island and we left the island heading out into white caps. The beginning of the trip was difficult as more than a few waves splashed into the wooden canoe soaking me and many of the items I had in the front of the canoe. Luckily, I had remembered to bring my plastic poncho which I put over the items in the front of the canoe. So, while I still had to bail out the water that came in from the wave, I had much less water to bail out on the return trip. And, once we started to head back to the island, the waves were behind us, pushing us forward and we safely surfed toward shore in our wooden canoe.


Waves lapping gently

Laughing waters carried us

Safely to the shore.


Ingrid Exner, 2016.

Lady From Holland-Poem From Prompt #4 By Ingrid Exner

I knew this lady from Holland and Greta was her name.

She emigrated here from Holland and her neighbours were never the same.

She chose this small town with her husband in tow

Of their future adventures little did they know.


For years they lived happily in the idyllic small town

Her gregarious nature became country re-known.

Her days spent gossiping and sharing good stories grew

I can still recall her evening shore line  walks

And the way her voice rose and fell during her animated talks.


I still walk to the water’s edge and wait for the sound,

Of Greta’s laughter that once floated through the air.

A beautiful laughter of innocence without care.

By Ingrid Exner, copyright 2016.

Before Darkness- Poem #3 From Prompt by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon 2016

Before Darkness…

I rise like the Sun!


Before Darkness…

My soul dances

in praise

of the new day!


Before Darkness…

My thoughts buzz like


humming of bees.

Images and expressions

take wing

like beautiful butterflies

floating freely.

My thoughts are as free

as the air itself!

And, my spirit sings!

All this,

Before Darkness.


Before Darkness

There is light.

And, great insight.

The darkness welcomes others

but it is NOT for me.

Darkness is simply

a collection of moments

whose worth,

I do not see.


Ingrid Exner, 2016.


Hello Love- Prompt Two- Half Marathon Poem By Ingrid Exner Aug 2016

Hello Love- Poem 2 by Ingrid


Hello Love…

Are you listening,

to my tender words

which seem to

be crytaling?

Falling fast

Against your door

I stand beside you

Wanting more.


Hello Love…

Are you listening?

I forgot where we were.

Confused by

growing anger

now, what is

the cure?


Hello My Love,

Are you listening

Can you hear my heart beat


Its rhythm jumps

with your


Only You

can Inspire.


Hello Sweet Love,

Are you listening?

You alone can

tame my soul

gentle words

loving glances

lingering gestures

second chances.


Hello Love,

Let’s bathe in this,

Summer Light!

Your warming

breezes that

whisper words

of love



Hello My Love,

Let this feeling

of love

wrap itself

around you.

Let my words soothe


bring peace

to you.


Hello My Love

Now you are



new beginnings

are christening.


Poem#1-Half Marathon “The End is Just a New Beginning” by Ingrid Exner

Poetry Prompt 1- Aug 13, 2016-Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid Exner


Oranges and yellows

spray across

the sky

Seagulls and Ospreys

let out a mournful cry.


The sun begins to



yellow and amber

as it slows.

Rest comes to the daylight

even Nature

now knows.


But after,

several darkened hours,

As the Sun rests

through the night

It will awaken and,

once again,


Oarry Sound Trees and Sunsetits



Photography By Ingrid Exner

What Is A Name and Introduction to 2016 Poetry Marathon

My name is Ingrid Exner and I have had the privilege to have done a poetry marathon back in 2014. This is a great opportunity to meet and share poetry with people from all over the world. I have been writing free verse and other forms of poetry off and on since I was a teenager. I went to school for professional writing and worked several years in technical, professional writing and social services. I look forward to creating poetry and offering good constructive feedback any way I can! Now, on to a short poem…giving myself only minutes as this is just a precursor challenge to the real challenge of the marathon. My name is that of a warrior and my choice is warrior queen…dictating rhyming couplets…the best you’ve ever seen. Alliterating beginnings, assonancing (sp?) mid through, my syntax skills will yet, bedazzle you! I can’t wait to “meet” you all in August! Happy writing!

Poem 12- Moving Forward- Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid

Moving forward with great glee

Moving forward…follow me.

Moving forward…1. 2. 3


Moving forward…with certain doubt

Moving forward…now what is that about?


Moving forward and making change…

Moving forward can feel quite strange.


Leaving the other comfortable me

Broadening my horizons so that I can see.


A better version of me.

Poem 9- Poetry Half Marathon 2015.


Poem 9- Poetry Half Marathon 2015.


Random Thoughts……


My fingers fly over the keyboard. I hear the sing song of the sparrow, one of my songbirds in the background. The songbirds are more hushed today.The weather is warm…the sun is climbing the sky and casting down bright light and bathing us in brilliant light. Summer is here-at last.