2015 Introduction

My name is Ingrid Exner and this is the second year that I will be participating in the half marathon poetry challenge!!! My background is in technical/professional writing and social services. Whether I am working in non-profits or for-profits, it always seems like I am writing- which I love!!! I am currently working on a few writing projects…reducing the size of my e-book, memoir and biography of my mother as well as a little book of advice and tips for a young survivor. I love to write and I love having the opportunity to meet and work alongside others. I have written poetry as a hobby for many years and incorporate it into morning meditations. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

Love Blooms-Poem 12-

Love Blooms- Poem 12- Poetry Half Marathon-


Fragile and delicate

LOVE blooms,

with care.


This cloistered bud begins

to open slowly,

showered by your Light.


Like a flower whose petals

open to the Sun,

LOVE explodes

in colour,

because of YOU.

By Ingrid Exner


Take the Stairs- Poem 11- Half Marathon

Take the Stairs- Poem 11th- Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid


Mount the stairs one by one or

Tackle many, if it can

Be done.


Change perspective

Change the view

Change your beliefs and

What defines you.


One step forward,

One step back and

Still moving forward.

That’s a fact!

Welcome Home- Poem #10- Half Marathon by Ingrid

Welcome Home by Ingrid Exner- Poem #10


It is YOU and YOU alone

YOU should call HOME.


Not Four walls, four cities, four countries

Nor continents define,

What you inhabit.




Be careful of the thoughts and cares

That you welcome in…remember…




Do not let vandals rob happiness and leave hate,




Decorate your life with joy, tenderness and let love hang on your walls,




Share laughter, tears and remembrances,




Welcome and embrace new visitors, friends and family,




Make peace with who YOU are,




By Ingrid Exner




The Fountain- Poem #8 by Ingrid – Half Marathon

The Fountain- Poem #8 by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon


The fountain in the park holds memories.

Dressed ornately in black,

This dark statue of hope

Brings comfort to many.


Laughing children run circles around its base

As the adults lean closer to the cooling mist

Of its waters.

Spilling over in delight

Excitement uncontained,

A timeless treasure of days

Gone by.

Dear Emily- Poem #7 by Ingrid Exner

Dear Emily- Poem #7 for Poetry Half Marathon


Dear Emily-


Thank you for your words today

written centuries ago.

Their wisdom has more meaning

Than ever you would know.


Wise words you provide

Take flight from my page,

Resting in imagination they strive

To leave remembrances-



Hope, Freedom, Pain and Release

You address these all.

With metaphors that will not cease

And similes that sing sweet song

Leaving readers now at their peace.

A Poem to Emily- Poem #5 for Half Marathon

A Poem to Emily- Poem #5 for Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid


Your words come to me in the Night

Release, Religion and Birds in flight.


Creeping into my sleeping hours

Dripping metaphors with great powers.


Stanzas choked with memories of

Pain, Freedom and letting go

Something we must all come to know.

The Green Canoe- Poem #3 by Ingrid Exner

The Green Canoe by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon Poem


It greets me at the water’s edge

Where pebbles meet the shore

“Come closer friend,” it beckons me

“And I shall tell you more.”


Of sparkling waters deep and clear

Weathered rock and trees,

Of Natural beauty everywhere

As far as your eye sees.


“Take me to the water” and

“Travel with me, down the bay”

All you need to bring is your paddle

To bring with you this day.





Poem By: Ingrid Exner, April 23, 2014 accompanying photography also by Ingrid Exner, Tobermorey, Summer 2013.