Hi! This is my first time doing a poetry half marathon and I am looking forward to it very, very much. I am getting ready for a marathon (running:)) and my long run ( into Toronto with Connors Runners) is on Sunday so, I will only be doing the half marathon…that again is from 7 am-7 pm. I am looking forward to writing alongsid others in this type of virtual competition. It will be tough but I am using my photographs as motivation…I hope that is okay? Is it? Can we use our own “prompts? Or, are there any more specific rules re: first poem/ hour Haiku 🙂

Thanks you for this opportunity!!!! So, each hour, do we simply make posts this way? I notice on the side bar, there are 4 categories…and not one of them is for the half marathon. I actually did want to do the full marathon BUT, I can’t stay up all night because I have to run on Sunday 🙁


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