How To Laugh- Poem #4 by Ingrid for Half Marathon

How To Laugh- Poem #4- Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid Exner


It starts with a little grin

And slight movement of one’s chin.

Lips curl up and mouth goes down,

It’s the opposite, of a frown.


Now you have the basics here…

Oops…more instructions to be clear.

Breathing is a must you know

In and out and there you go.


Now, for the most important part,

You MUST express this with great heart.

All the joy, humour and love

Inside, out and, all above.


The Green Canoe- Poem #3 for Poetry Half Marathon by Ingrid Exner

The Green Canoe by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon Poem

6. Play-Canoe on Beach

I took this in Tobermorey 2013


It greets me at the water’s edge

Where pebbles meet the shore

“Come closer friend,” it beckons me

“And I shall tell you more.”


Of sparkling waters deep and clear

Weathered rock and trees,

Of Natural beauty everywhere

As far as your eye sees.


“Take me to the water” and

“Travel with me, down the bay”

“All you need to bring is your paddle

To bring with you this day.”

Poem #3 for poetry half marathon

Reflections of Nature- Poem #2 for Half Marathon by Ingrid Exner

Reflections Of Nature (Acrostic) – Poem #2 By Ingrid Exner for Poetry Half Marathon


Rippling clouds fill the sky,

Enchanting those that wander by.

Flying geese found overhead.

Looking for a place to be fed.

Each one flying as part of the team.

Continuous movement-one giant stream.

Together they move in a V formation.

Individual desires teamed with dedication.

One leader to carry the weight of them all.

Never allowing one single to fall.

Spring migrations signals their flight.


Of the honking goose gaggle

Flying overhead through the night.


Nature can teach us a thing or two,

All about LIFE…me, and YOU.

The lessons…reflections of how we can be,

United in Nature just as we see

Reflected in Nature- seen by all.

Each person to witness and hear this call.


Reflections Of Nature- Acrostic Poem by Ingrid Exner, August 23rd 2014.



Daybreak Poem #1 by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon Poem

Daybreak by Ingrid Exner- Half Marathon Poem


Sun wakes and paints

the Sky in reds and pinks.

Colours bend down

to touch the earth,

Like a lover’s early morning kiss.

Fog drifts in and dances across the lake,

In Celebration.


I stand still,

wrapped in this wonder

as Early morning dew,

weighs lightly around my feet.

The rustling and light splashing

at the water’s edge,

reminds me that

I am NOT alone.


The deep bellow of the bull frog

Echoes across the lake…

adding to this symphony of the senses.


Poem By: Ingrid Exner, April 23, 2014


Hi! This is my first time doing a poetry half marathon and I am looking forward to it very, very much. I am getting ready for a marathon (running:)) and my long run ( into Toronto with Connors Runners) is on Sunday so, I will only be doing the half marathon…that again is from 7 am-7 pm. I am looking forward to writing alongsid others in this type of virtual competition. It will be tough but I am using my photographs as motivation…I hope that is okay? Is it? Can we use our own “prompts? Or, are there any more specific rules re: first poem/ hour Haiku 🙂

Thanks you for this opportunity!!!! So, each hour, do we simply make posts this way? I notice on the side bar, there are 4 categories…and not one of them is for the half marathon. I actually did want to do the full marathon BUT, I can’t stay up all night because I have to run on Sunday 🙁


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