Poem Eleven

That is what I am
In thought
In school
In who I am
About who I can turn to
In trying to find myself
I am lost

Poem Ten

I set the flowers on the ground
I sit down by the flowers
I gently touch the stone
I’m afraid it will crumble

Your new resting place
Your new bed
Your life with me is gone
You are gone

Our house is not the same
Our bed is not warm anymore
Our closet still your clothes
Our bathroom still smells like you

I will always miss you
You will never come back
Our paths will cross in heaven

Poem Nine

Why do I try
For you to like me
You say you like me one day
But the next you make me an idiot
Yet I still try To make myself
Feel accepted,
That I’m needed,
By you

Why do I try
For you to accept me
When one day I’m in the click
But I turn my back you stab it
Yet I still try to make myself
Less difficult,
For you

Yet I still try
All for you
I could leave
But who would accept me
When the person I respect most

Poem Eight

My head rest on your shoulder
Your hand rubs my back to comfort
I touch the recent mark
That the comforting hand made
I should run away from the monster
But who else will love me
With all the marks on my body

Poem Seven

You try to go unnoticed
But I see you
You think nobody cares about you
But I care for you
I try talking to you to help
But you walk a way
And you still think
Nobody will care when your gone

Poem Six

At home I’m pretty
At school I’m a ugly
With you I’m a shining star

At home I’m stressed
At school I’m a nervous wreck
With you I’m starting to relax

At home I’m on edge
At school I’m on watch
With I you I’m protected

At home I wish I was with you
At school I think about you
With you I hope you never leave

Poem Five

You said you would come
You didn’t come
You said you were sorry
You do it again though
You said you would remember
You don’t like always
You said don’t leave
You were the one that walked away

Poem Four

Dear friend
You may be struggling
And I’m here for you
Just take my hand
And tell me everything
Cuz you might be saving my life
By telling me you trust me

Poem Three

Good, bad
You decide
Just remember
It always a leap
So you may
Stumble or fall
From the leap
Get back up
And leap again