4. Comfort

My weary heart finds comfort

in words we wrote between

our delicate emotions

witnessing a scene.


My weary heart finds comfort

beneath the open sky

expansive in it’s bounty

reflected in it’s high.


My weary heart finds comfort

revealing mind to pen

releasing all emotions

perspective, once again.


3. Desire


breathe deep

for broken dreams

suppress the lungs

in  denial.

Beauty, in it’s desolation,

ravaging in reclamation…

all is impermanent.

(Alpenglow, beneath the snow, has purchased much desire)

Where promises despair

whispered in the air

abandoned as mercurial





2. Not Fade Away

Ho do I dream into being

your life and your love and yourself?

Your arms they surround me in dreams, but I wake alone.

Your wife

she had so many years

I hope they were beautifully real

I envy the time she was precious

in your eyes….

the time and love I tossed aside..

in my own broken way

so long ago.

Thank you for seeing the magic

inside my very soul

Thank you for turning your love light

the way you would shine it on me

For the fire you held in your soul

open to me.

Death, abundant and foolish,

swept you away much too soon

this aching inside my of heart

just won’t leave the room.

Beyond the remains of  this yearning

this longing for what could’ve been

Your love it embraces me gently…

I feel it again.

I feel it again.






1. All is Sacred

From the four directions

comes the breath, the wind

of my ancestors.

As my feet

touch the ground

my eyes delight

in the many shades

of green.


so precious, the very essence of all,

blesses my lips

with seeming abundance.

Each breath I draw

a knowing

I am here.

The sun brushes everything

in golden light.

In these moments

All is sacred.


#6 Belonging

As I walk through the woods, I am overcome with pungent oxygen… cedar as incense for the soul. The branches overhead enfold me, caressing my senses with gentle divinity. There is no need for altars, pews, and lecturing with words. I am in the church of all… the abundant acceptance of god’s own symphony.

Whispering wind blows

Speaking amongst the branches

I know who I am.

#12) Naked Eyes

Last night

the moon

like god’s own streetlamp

lit up the sky.

Only a lake

could serve as mirror

to reflect it’s boundless glory.

A canopy

of stars


my naked eyes.

Make up #1…. The End

There is a song

that I hear

whenever The End

is mentioned.

My mind is like that,

a living collection of refrains, jingles, and chorus lines.

A walking, talking, frequently whistling,

Karaoke machine.

Or juke box, I suppose.

The End

is just another word

for the Circle

or the loop

of infinity.




#11) Super Powers

I ride the bus

from one town, to another.

Leaving behind

my mother

and her whispered lies

(these lies have grown inside me…


that have become my truth)

Carrying everything I own

in a ripped green plastic bag…

(mostly clothes from the Hospital’s lost and found, but there is a special glass bong and my journal, as well)

The Hospital told me my insurance

would pay for one night in a motel, upon my release

from the psychiatric ward.

I am 18.

I decided to go back, and spend the night with  the man who beat me, instead.

But in the morning, I got on the bus out of town, away from his meth fueled love and violence.

Different town,

same voices in my head.

There is some comfort

in the insanity

and violent drama

of instability and chaos.

It is the known,

in a world of unknowns.



#10) Grateful

I praise the earth

that tilts and turns

and floats among the stars.

Upon her ground

I’ve often found

the most amazing things.

I praise my ears

my voice, my mind

for bringing me to song.

Without their gift

How could I lift

my spirit

to belong.


#9) Alpline

Along the boardwalk

there are reeds


and giant ferns.

I hear

the song of birds

and the gentle whispering

of trees.

The air cannot be more pure.


is paradise.