#5) The Machine

Listen to the radio

Watch it on the television

Read it in the paper

See it on the screen.


Watch it on the television

Propaganda as machine

See it on the screen

Believe what you are Told.


Propaganda as machine

Read it in the paper

Believe what you are told

Listen to the radio.

#7) Now

Oh the deception of Fear,

with it’s False Evidence Appearing Real

and the redundancy

of future tripping.

Such anxious delirium

produces naught

but frozen tense

reaction, inaction

and restless hamster wheel spinning

in the cage

of my mind.

Conscious awareness

of each breath

brings me home

to Now.



#5) Goldfish Brain

Although the high speed rabbit hole deep digging net

fascinates, infuriates, eliminates, reiterates, and obliterates my knowing,

the hyper link

has actually altered

my attention span.

Matrix wizard curtains,

community of like minded spirits,


my heart is torn.

I know where my grandmother’s typewriter sits.

The new ink reels are online.

Metaphorically speaking,

it’s a net loving Luddites conundrum.


#4) Crow

The crow came to my window

requesting more stale bread, please.

There are two of them, really,

they must be mates.

I wonder at their loyalty.

One has feathers missing from his head.

Perhaps it was a valiant battle with a hawk,

protecting nestlings.

Mama fierce, I know this.

I’ve seen them soaring over my street,

a flock of crows.

(I looked up this word, flock, disdaining murder..)

These crows know everything

About my hood.


Before Darkness

This light

an awareness…

reckoning in

sinking sun and revelations.

Eyes open, stars hidden

in plain sight.

Shadows sweep the ground,

as a  worthy broom.


the beams of dust motes

and angel wings.

Before darkness,

silence and light


like a slow

motion curtain.



The kitchen clock  reminded me

I missed a poem

Clearly there is more at play here then I think


and words

swirl together like soft serve cones

my daughter craves

in summer.