Something Deep

Old ugly mind, can get crinkles and wrinkles, with laughs of hidden smirks with those flopping teeth.Non-judging over crooked ways of mockery when such demons of evil slitter from skin deep.Hush, now… too many words can write your own tale of visions of betrayed and lies. Wait, it’s already time for a life check, ugly reflect ugly in the eye of the mirror. Loud mouths in negative space penetrate glam fake smiles only to not have anything.

Poem By:JGomez


Attack and on edge all night, panic and shaking, sweating and thinking how to get away. Rush of energy force adrenaline to move legs faster and faster as bewitching wind blew around such a precious fragile tumbling to the ground. No time to get back up, lifeless, scared, and captured by enslavement arms dragging back a helpless, soul back to the path once, almost freed. Ruined by ugly. 

Poem By: JGomez

Love Sailing

Drifting on waves crushing inside, flowing outside, into a sea of flooded gushing waters. Echos of harmony into the wind swirls fresh sea air into the nostrils.Waves of high tides streaming strong currents forward, crashes into a stunning land already visited but, deeply loved. 

Poem By:JGomez

A Fighter

Bless with challenges fighting with my own mind, forcing my own pressures to strengthen my fuels of positive energy. Genetics and blood works different within me but the will to succeed breathes the same as others. My will power of loyalty to finish grows from all of my dismays of closed doors.Troubles may arise with high tides and unexpected divides but my spirit will fight. I will push pass obstacles and bulldoze barriers of hate to make my own fate.

Poem By JGomez

Far from Imagination

Nothing hidden underneath the cloth of her dress as she slowly walks the streets for attention. Her feet, bare black, creating no marks behind her only a tread of scornful disease, as she ease inside the mystery of men’s cars  sucking the temptation as it claims her body into men’s soul of indulgence of fantasy far from their own imagination. Each onlooker passes by with judgement or heartfelt concerns but she doesn’t care because her life is already taken, so she claims other lives far away into hell.

Poem by:JGomez


Swifting suddenly in a tantalizing movement caught up in a moment of emotions briefly staring into flirtatious eyes dancing, smiling, grabbing the best of you away from here. Your mind, my mind,wondering far away outside a smiling reality inside another reality away with a smile replaying a different paradise.

Poem By JGomez

It’s You

You never seen me when I was around, I never made myself noticable to you until now. Childhood crush faded away when I moved away. Somehow, life placed us right here, right now. Living different worlds young running into different paths in separate ways into adulthood until, now. Much has changed as little remained the same but, knowing you is a great gift not to be required to be revisited of memories growing up but, creating  memories where we stand.

Poem By: JGomez

Mindful Warrior

Eyes saddened

of worries



not claiming

defeat amongst

the impossible 


wore down

of the heavy load

carrying each step

out of many doors of

locks and

reintroductions of

reflected mirrors

fighting tough

as a Warrior.

Mind racing

on a second clock,

defending actions

striking down inablities,

seeking capabilities

to conquer.

Slicing for clarity 

amongst the midst

that breaks the

cemented storm

around a hurted heart,

crossed by checkers

pretending chess


of punches,

tasting reality

into a 

blast-shooting for Peace.

Poem by: JGomez

Running Tears

Heavy hearts flooded in memories of your life rewinds back to how things were when you were lively and happy, enjoying the things that you love. Now, confined by a white sheeted bed, hooked up on monitors struggling to breathe as pain shock waves inside your veins that make it hard for you to maintain or entertain energy to live yet, we wish that you still keep trying as we know inside you are dying as we are crying wishing we can save you.

Poem by: JGomez


Hidden under layers of sorrow runs tears unforgiven by passing years. Walking with a piece of hope staring off into a gaze reflection of many forgotten faces still straving to be glam and pacing to live steady. A river flooded slowly runs dry as warmth embraces a open-hearted soul, Risen with determination.

Poem by: JGomez