Hour 4, Prompt 5: Cycle of Life


Sweet nectar breathes life into a dark, dreary day
As the moth reflects on his changes
From a small caterpillar, crawling high on the orange tree branches
To the moth now sucking the orange juices to subsist
A dichotomy exists; the cycle of life
From caterpillar to cocoon
From seed to sprouted fruit
Both the orange and the moth have their purposes made clear
As one life continues, so too one must end
The orange, unknowing, the moth be its doom
The moth, now knowing the orange be its lifeline
And yet, they need one another in a narcissistic way
For one’s survival and one’s immortality

Prompt 3: The Pool

Eleven years, a swimming pool and memories
Worry, peace and later loss
You feared the heat would do me in
When hours later, a heart attack claimed you
In years since, the pool and memories
Pay homage annually to let you know I’m still okay
You’ve missed so much
My family; your granddaughter
But the water and her love for it
Remind me that you know I’m doing alright

In memory of my Dad, Al Eisnaugle (December 20, 1946-June 22, 2008, 11 years ago today)

Prompt 2 – Magic: Prince Lonnie’s Birthday

King Kreskin of London
A fine British chap
Requested to meet with Lord Bernie Von Trapp
A party in order
For Prince Lonnie Lee
Where magic and mayhem were certain to be

“I’ll get right on it, sire.”
And then in a flash
Bernie sent a crier
To Merlin McDash
“The King needs your service, the day after now
A magical party for Prince Lonnie Rau”

“On very short notice, but okay, we’ll see..
I’ll put on a show so destined to glee
The young Prince named Lonnie
The King’s youngest son
With magic and mayhem that’s second to none.”

The day arrived fast
As a feather-filled breeze
King Kreskin hoped Merlin
Had come aimed to please
With bunnies and hats
And scarves o’er bats
Merlin Mc Dash made the little Prince laugh

” ’twas the best birthday ever”
The Prince told the King
And all across London Lonnie’s joy did ring
“Call Merlin and thank him with my highest reward
The finest gold pieces, please give him dear Lord.”
“Yes, sire, I will do that.” and do so, he did
Merlin knew not of worry for helping a kid
To have a great birthday, one unlike it since
A blessed, life-long memory in the eyes of a prince.”

Prompt One: Em the Whim

I am Em
Em the Whim
I have fun down at the gym
I play catch with Will & Jim
I am Em
Em the Whim

I run circles wide and slim
Silly circles in bright and dim
I roll and tumble, leap and swim
With Will and Jim and Rick and Tim
I am Em
Em the Whim

I am Em
Em the Whim
I play jokes on Will and Jim
Rick and Tim play jokes on Slim
Slim plays jokes on Kylie Bim
We have fun in bright and dim

I am Em
Em the Whim
I have fun down at the gym
I made friends from dawn to dim
I am the awesome
Em the Whim