Enjoy life

live simply

Take time


Really listen

What do you hear?

A small child’s voice

rain on the roof

wind in the trees


Yes you can hear life

and all the events

it bestows on us


that is life.

Hour #3

Strong storms

surprise us

Winds blow

not as predicted

Rains fall

puddles form

rivers too deep

Cars stranded

on familiar roads

now rivers.


I will

I will write

I will write today

I will write poems today

I will not sleep

I will not nap

Cause all of life

Can change in a snap

Poem #1

Tough getting started

now I’m on the clock

eighteen minutes more

to post my first on twenty four


It will get better


minutes tick by

seems like hours

I can see the starting line

but I cannot reach it

feel the energy

from everyone

around the world

so powerful.

Ready to Write


Anxiously awaiting

9AM Saturday(24hrs away)

Eagerly anticipating

words, phrases and poems.

Trying not to write…

to save my words.

Sharing smiles wt\ith strangers

at stores.

Wondering if

I look like I’m ready

to write my race

on the page.

Snacks and meals prepared

for only me.

My family must

take care of themselves.

They can at 16 and 21

and my husband born in 1961.

Collecting thoughts, ideas and images

shopping now-seeing BTS sales

3 1/2 weeks- oh no

Words bubbling over

spewing out


Sleep tonight

will be difficult

with words

struggling to get out.

trial post

my hopes are this is where I post my poems every hour and I press the Publish buttom on the righthand side of this page

Visiting Rights #24

Visiting Rights

got a new old dog

belonged to a friend

who moved into an apartment

just down the road from us.

Time #23

Calendars and clocks

Keep us on schedule

Remind us of birthdays

and anniversaries

Remember before FB

knew everything

At the Diner #22

At the diner

I order the same food

every time

I eat breakfast

any time of day.

Pancakes, eggs over medium

and bacon

and a cup of co

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