I did my 12

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Twelve hours or twenty four  or somewhere in between, We did it!

I did my twelve (9-9) EST. I wanted to do more and thought I could. My brain said, “No way, are you crazy?” I got some sleep, was up at 3ish, checked to see what was going on, went back to bed. Here I am again, glad I only committed to the half marathon. The full marathon is fun but life gets in the way. If I knew I could stay home and sleep the next day uninterrupted I go for it.

#11 Gladness

Skyscrapers silhouette against the periwinkle sky

clouds spread softness

as bird wings beat the air

in an attempt

to fly in a cloud of happiness.


#12 Nonet

Bedtime is near but I’m still writing

I can’t stop my mind at twelve prompts

It continues to think of

more words to write & rhyme.

Words can flow freely

now it’s time

to say


#9 This too shall pass

This too shall pass

Like every sunrise or sunset

It comes and goes.

There will be another tomorrow.

Even behind the clouds

the sun rises and sets.

As years move on and

age increases.


#8 Try

Try, try, try again

don’t give up

persistence pays.

Keep going

for one more day.

#7 What is normal

A normal, regular cup of coffee to me,

means no sugar, no milk or cream.

Yeah, my first order of coffee

wasn’t what I wanted.

A cup of coffee, that’s it

nothing added, nothing extra.

A normal cup of coffee.

#6 Time Passing

Time passing

day by day

flowers bud and blossom

tree leaves flourish

in red, yellow or green.

Nature at its best

being its best.

#5 A Found Time Capsule

A time capsule

unearthed by a snapping turtle

Yes, she thought my dry back hill

is a good place to lay eggs.

Eighteen eggs, wow.

But wait, there’s more to see

a time capsule, cracked open

one, two, three… sixteen, seventeen, eighteen

all fell into the capsule.

What happens next…

I don’t know.

To Be Loved

To be loved

to feel cared about

to know love

to listen

and hear love

That’s life with love.

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