We haven’t been apart long

but the void is chewing at my


For wishing you were here

is all I can so




Newly Vested

In the calling of saints

may the bells ring high

and the vests worn with pride

the light shines bright




Guitar Sleep

slept under a line of guitars

slowly singing me to sleep

has forged a net of peace

bliss surrounding

forrests of pixie dust

another one bites




Introduction ’15

My name is Jade but you can just call me JWALK.
I’m 20 years old and a Jr in college. I’ve been writing for 10 years now. This is my second marathon and am extremely excited.
Hope to enjoy everyone’s poetry!


Good Morning Chicago

Good Morning Chicago

The sun rises
And lights Lake Michigan

The Ferris Wheel
Rolls out of bed

The Skyline exhales
Looking down on
The Bean

The Mag Mile
Herself out
Block after block

Buckingham spits

The Picasso blinks
His eye

Just so I can say

Good Morning Chicago


Heart Beat

I’m tired and by far completely
Drained of all the things that make me
But my pen
Bleeds and
Bleeds and

Until I can feel
Alive again

Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub

Taking on the characteristics of a
Pounding life
Supplying the necessary oxygen everywhere

Lub Dub Lub Dub

But it’s just a pen
For me

Lub Dub

Giving life
When I can’t find a way



What’s a Chief Without a Team

It’s times like these

It’s times like these

It’s times like these

It’s times like these

It’s times like these

It’s times like these

It’s times like these–These and more

Thanks for the memories


If I Ever Feel Better

If I ever feel better—
That is walking without jumping
I will clean the office for three weeks—no complaints

If I ever feel better
Meaning I cross again
I will buy you a shake

If I ever feel better
As in not feeling sick while looking at a duffel bag
I will pack you something nice

If I ever feel better
Maybe my parents won’t hear me scream from the other side of the City of Chicago

If I ever feel better
IF I ever feel better



After the storm the poets fade

Complete silence
In the air of wanting the poets whisper
Musings in agony
Take whatever’s left

And bury it deep inside

For the next time
But fret not

Love with you do
Because words
And you’re along for the




Losing their wings

Sky losing color

Waiting for a return

And yet
we smile?