For Kurt

I wait

I wait for you to


But instead you say


Come as you are as you were

Can you feel my love buzz

I wait.

I wait for you

But you scream stay away

Come as you are as you were

I’m waiting


Not a Wishlist

Words I don’t say:


Help-the word that means you can’t do something on your own. And maybe so.

Gift-things that presented to get out of trouble when you do something wrong

Wish-Something that you hope will happen by coincidence.  It never does

Happy-That bubbly feeling someone gets. Warm and fuzzy feeling.  Doesn’t exist


all these things have one thing in common, I wish I could change the definitions.


The Answer

Who do I write for, they ask

Do you think it matters?

Why do you do it, they ask

And so much I want to come up with the

Right answer—


But it’s not that simple

Nor should it be

The right answer is up to me


The Windy City of Big Shoulders

They call us the Windy City What for, yes we know, you know

The politicians play smoke and mirrors

The Second City because,

I guess, NYC is where it’s at.

And now a new name has popped up—

Not even worth my pen’s strike.

They use it to describe what they think happens here.

That’s far from reality in the grand scheme of things.

They call us the City of Big Shoulders, for what precise reason, I know not

My only guess is because we look out for each other.

Come here look for yourself

We are Chicago—six words not one—The Windy City of Big Shoulders


Farewell Robin

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle. He said
That you are here–that life exist and identity
That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse
That the powerful play goes on and YOU may contribute a verse
What will your verse be? He said

And for that verse, I say,
Touching the lives of many
As you slowly drift away
To understand the world will forget

That you were here–that life exist and identity
That the powerful play goes on and you have contributed a verse
This is yours



We are here for a reason I suppose to keep each other away from the cold.

Grab a friend and let the story begin


Paces of New Faces


She wakes up at the crack of dawn to say


To the trees and the shining sun

And when she is done

You  see a brand new person

Drinking her coffee

Lighting her cig

Keeping up with paces of

New faces

Because “Strangers are potential friends”

So if you see her

Smile and wave

She’s a beautiful person

Even she can’t escape that



Whose story is this Can we tell Everyone’s formed an opinion Oh well They take what they wanted and Turned it about and Now the truth is in Doubt

What we were we reeling about and Does it fit Last time I checked we all played a role It’s Black and White with a touch of grey

Where did this happen and did we move it around On the street In the park

When was it noon was it dark

How did it occur Can we tell There’s red water running everywhere

Why Everyone wants to know yet the only ones to speak are the circus running the show

Are we failing?



MORTALS! It is I, JWALKthe15th, and I am here to save us all from the dull, empty, undermining world we live in!

I’m truly excited to be participating in my first ever written poetry event!!! 24 hours of poetry is beautiful!

I hope everyone learns a little, gets some sleep, and enjoys the poetry.


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